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   Chapter 304 At The Wedding

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Carlos twitched his mouth awkwardly, trying to force a smile. He almost never smiled, but now he did it just to make Debbie happy. It didn't look convincing, it looked sad.

Before the wedding ceremony started, Megan arrived at the venue. She called Wesley at the entrance, and he left the table to guide her inside.

He hadn't brought Blair with him today, so Megan took a seat next to him, cautiously.

She greeted the others. They responded stiffly, as if it were just a formality. There was little warmth left there. Soon, their minds were on something else. Debbie went on talking to Adriana, and Carlos continued watching over Debbie nervously. Damon talked to him from time to time, but Carlos barely acknowledged him.

Then the emcee announced that the wedding ceremony was about to begin.

This was the first time Debbie had ever been to a wedding. She was amazed at how sumptuous and dreamlike everything was. The music, the lighting, the decorations, the wardrobe. It was incredible.

When Colleen appeared in her wedding dress, Debbie's eyes glistened with admiration. The sacred white wedding gown was so beautiful that any woman would think it was the perfect wedding dress.

Noticing that she seemed engrossed, Carlos gave her hand a light squeeze. Debbie glanced at him and turned her attention to the bride and the bridegroom again. "Colleen is so beautiful today! Her dress is amazing. Look at them. They're so perfect together!" she said excitedly.

"You like that dress?" Carlos asked. And that was when he suddenly realized what a lousy husband he'd been.

He hadn't even given Debbie a proper wedding, the most treasured thing in a woman's life.

"Yes, it's gorgeous!" Debbie responded without looking at him. Drawn in by the sweet moment when the bride and the bridegroom exchanged rings, she didn't sense the subtle changes in his tone and expression.

Carlos said nothing else. He was putting together a plan.

When the new couple's parents were asked to come up on stage, the happiness and excitement drained from Debbie's face.

The couple that stepped onstage were her grandparents, the ones she resented.

For the first time, she would be face to face with them, in public. Her grandpa, Elroy Lu, was an 82-year-old man with gray hair and a gray beard. His creased face wore a wide smile.

His wife, Sy

om afar.

Debbie had been a freshman back then. When Curtis discovered what Ramona was doing, he had someone look into Debbie's background and found out that she was a Nian. That was how he found out that Debbie, the girl who Elroy Lu had bullied Ramona into abandoning, the girl who was so humble in front of her boyfriend, was Ramona's daughter, and his niece.

He had started to help her out, influencing things behind the scenes, ever since. She'd never know the extent he had gone to.

That time at the cruiser party, Elroy Lu had wanted to kill her. Curtis protected her secretly.

Although the Lu family was powerful, they couldn't hold a candle to the Huo family. So, after Curtis had learned that Debbie had married Carlos, he didn't have to hide it anymore, and he had started to be good to her openly.

Elroy Lu had warned him a million times to leave her alone, but Curtis didn't give a damn about the old man's warnings. So right now Curtis' relationship with his father couldn't be worse. And Curtis didn't care, because he had a strong sense of wrong and right.

Today, if it weren't Curtis' wedding day, Elroy Lu would have outright refused to appear in the same place as his son.

But Debbie knew nothing about all this.

She thought that Curtis felt bad about her because her mom had never been around. That was all. Then the issue was the last thing on her mind. She didn't think much more about it.

When the wedding ceremony was over, Elroy Lu, Sybil Qin and the newlyweds took their positions, and were ready to offer some toasts.

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