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   Chapter 303 You're Overreacting

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When she heard that, Debbie sighed with resignation. "Forget it." Carlos' words indicated he'd break all contact with Megan. Debbie thought this was enough. After all, the car accident was not that serious.

Carlos kissed her forehead. "You're so kind."

"Ha! Hardly!" Debbie retorted, pouting her mouth. "If I were, I wouldn't have always tried to drive her off."

Her reaction amused him. "She made her own bed, and now she has to lie in it. You were kind enough to her."

Debbie heaved a sigh of relief. "Since you made up your mind, let's not talk about her. Hey, old man, we should have a name for our son. You're smart—you name him."

"Sure it's a boy?" he asked in confusion. Since Debbie knew she was pregnant, he always heard her refer to the baby as "son."

"Thought you liked boys," Debbie answered. He had once said that he wanted a son, so she called the baby "son" to make him happy.

Carlos now remembered what he had said before. He explained, "You know I'll love it, boy or girl. If it's a boy, that'll be better. Because there will be two men to protect you."

Debbie rubbed her face against his chest. "Really? But rich people like your family prefer boys to girls, right? Your grandparents, your uncle and aunt, and your parents all gave birth to boys."

Even Frasier and Gloria had a son. Carlos had no biological aunts, female cousins, or nieces to speak of.

"Just think. That's why they'll be happy if you have a girl. Grandma will finally have a granddaughter."

Debbie was struck speechless. 'Makes sense. But he said he wanted a son before, ' she thought. She still didn't quite believe him. "How about this? Pick a boy's name and a girl's name."

"All right."

They didn't stop talking about it until midnight, but they still hadn't decided on anything. Carlos pulled her into his arms and said, "You should go to bed. You're pregnant! We can pick this up tomorrow."

"Okay, okay. Um... Yeah, I'm kinda tired."

Within thirty seconds, Debbie dozed off. Carlos smiled when he looked at her sleeping face, and quietly turned off the light.

swer her. "Now that you've held him for a while, return him to his mom."

The others burst out laughing. Adriana was about to take her son back, but Damon stepped in. "Hey man, you're overreacting! My son is less than five kilos. And your wife is sitting down. She won't get hurt."

"Exactly. Don't worry, honey. Look! He's so cute. Do you want to hold him? He's so soft and chubby." Debbie put the baby into Carlos' arms before he could respond.

Carlos, who had never held a baby before, wanted to turn her down immediately. What if he hurt him by accident? What would he do if the little guy soiled his diaper? But his heart softened when the boy looked at him with his doe eyes.

'He's so small! Will our son be this small too? Will he be more adorable than Damon's son? Will he look more like Debbie or me?

People say that boys look more like their mothers. I guess our son will look more like Debbie.'

Carlos' face was so serious that the boy was frightened and burst out crying. Debbie rolled her eyes at her husband. "Can't you give him a smile? You scared him. Give him here."

She took the crying boy from Carlos. Sensing her soft arms, the boy immediately stopped crying. She bounced him up and down and rocked him back and forth, talking to him in cooing tones.

The others were all amused. Debbie reached out her fingers and pinched Carlos' cheek. "Come on! Smile!"

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