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   Chapter 302 Megan's Future

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6699

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"His name is... Carlos Huo! Haw-haw!" Before Carlos could respond, Debbie burst out laughing herself.

Ignoring the other couple in the elevator, Carlos kissed his wife on the lips. The other young couple stared at each other, their faces red. Luckily, the elevator reached their desired floor. The two fled from the embarrassing scene as fast as they could.

Debbie pushed Carlos away from her, panting. "Can't you keep your hands off me for five seconds? We're in public. Behave yourself!"

"I don't care," Carlos answered with a raised eyebrow.

Debbie rolled her eyes and cursed him inwardly.

They went to Kasie's ward. Pausing outside the door to the ward, he asked Debbie to go inside first. He had a phone call to make. He walked a little ways down the hall, and then pulled out his phone to call Ashley.

"Hi Ashley. I'm putting my wife on a diet. What she eats has to be harmless to pregnant women. Redecorate the room next to my bedroom in the manor and make it a baby room. Make sure it's well equipped. Remember to send some nutritionists to the East City Villa. Oh, and some fashion designers..."

Ashley realized that Debbie must be pregnant, and wrote down everything he asked for, checklist-style. "Yes, Mr. Huo. I've written them down. Congratulations! You'll be a father soon."

"Thank you," he answered with a laugh.

After hanging up, he entered the ward, wearing a serious expression.

Inside the ward, Megan was apologizing profusely to Kasie and her parents. Before Carlos had even left for the hospital, he had his people drop Megan off here.

Kasie was now awake, and Debbie sat at her bedside. Kasie still had an incensed expression on her face. It was obvious she wasn't about to accept Megan's apology. "I told you! Quit apologizing over and over. It won't help. You did the crime, now do the time!" Kasie said impatiently.

When they saw Carlos, Kasie's parents immediately stood up to greet him.

Megan was about to try and argue for herself again, bu


Trying his best to suppress his giggle, he came back with, "Snitch on you? No. I'll snitch on the woman who threatened me with my son. You don't know her, do you?"

Debbie beat his chest and yelled, "So this is how you treat your son's mom? You jerk!"

Carlos pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the lips for a long time. Then he let go of her and coaxed, "Honey, you know I love you."

She smiled smugly at his words. "I love you too, but I'm still mad. Oh, one more thing." Remembering something, she straightened herself and looked him in the eye. "Megan bullied me a lot, and you turned a blind eye to it. If you let her off the hook this time, I'll...I'll cry!"

Her threats amused Carlos. Actually, he had already made up his mind to exile Megan from Y City. Plus, he decided to not treat her as family anymore.

"Honey, trust me. When she's out, I'll send her to A Country. She won't be allowed back in Y City unless it's a must." He decided to treat her like a stranger from now on.

Yes, her parents had saved his life before. But he had done everything for her. Instead of feeling grateful, Megan always tried to get between him and his wife.

Before Debbie could respond, he added, "If that's not enough, we can have her behind bars here in Y City. She won't be released until you're good with it."

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