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   Chapter 300 She Is Pregnant

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Carlos' eyes darkened. His tone became threatening. "You sure you want to hang out with hot guys?"

"Nuh-uh!" Debbie shook her head vigorously. 'Carlos is uber-possessive! I can't even speak to another man.'

That evening, the couple stopped by Sebastian and Lucinda's place to check on them.

Gail and Sasha boarded at school, so they weren't there. Nevertheless, the four of them had a nice dinner together. The two women talked about how things were going, while the two men talked about business. They shared good company in a warm home over a few glasses of wine. A couple of hours later, they were glowing and in good spirits.

After that, Carlos and Debbie bade their farewells and went back to the manor.

They had a walk in the garden first. As they traced their way along the cobblestone path, they took in the heady scent of blossoms. The buttercups were like living gold, and the grass was shade of a meadow as seen in a dream. They agreed that they would go to the hospital together to check on Kasie the next day and then visit Curtis and Colleen—the would-be groom and bride.

However, the next day, Debbie went to the hospital alone. Carlos was too busy at work to get away.

When she arrived at the hospital, Kasie's parents were not there. Emmett was dabbing at her face with a wet napkin.

He told Debbie that Kasie had actually finally woken up this morning. But she said nothing and dozed off again. She slept all this time, so he looked after her.

Debbie was relieved to know Emmett was there to take care of Kasie.

Since she was now at the hospital, Debbie decided to have herself examined. She put on a mask and a baseball cap and went to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Her problem was that her aunt Flo didn't visit her this month. And when a woman didn't get her period, that meant either there was a problem, or she was pregnant.

She idly wondered if she had been drugged with birth control pills again. But that was highly unlikely given the family dynamics now. The person who needed to be humbled was not her. The Huo family members probably weren't going to pull that again.

An hour later, Debbie showed up at the offices of ZL Group.

Despite her gauze and baseball cap, many employees still recognized her. They said hi to her, and she was forced to acknowledge at least a few of them as she made her way to Carlos' office. She pressed the button for the elevator a


'Seriously? Is he still trying to protect her?' Debbie withdrew her both hands, took a deep breath and took out a piece of paper from her purse. She crumpled it on Megan's chest and said, "Read this first, Carlos Huo. After that, tell me what you're going to do. Make sure it's the right decision. See you in the operating room."

Megan had to take the paper, because otherwise it would have fallen onto the floor. Debbie said with a sneer, "You want to marry him, huh? See if you do now! Just look at this and see who he loves more."

After saying that, she walked off, head held high.

With shaking hands, Megan smoothed the paper and set her eyes on it. When she saw what was printed on it, her eyes widened in shock.

Carlos wanted to catch up to his wife, but seeing Megan's expression, he decided to check the paper first.

He took it from her and looked at the paper. His heart skipped a beat.

He took a second look at the name on the paper—it was indeed Debbie. His wife. The one he loved.

A broad smile appeared on his cold face.

He was thrilled at this moment.

'I'm going to be a father! My wife is pregnant! She is... two months along.'

Then he realized something was off. 'She just said that she would be waiting for me in the operating room.'

Confused, he ran out of his office. What did she mean by that? He decided to call her. The call connected soon. Too excited, he stammered, "Honey...wait..."

'Wait?' Debbie said indifferently, "You saw the results, huh? Yeah, I'm pregnant. If you don't put her behind bars, you will never see your son again!"

"What do you want?"

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