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   Chapter 299 The Best Surprise

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Debbie couldn't believe her ears. "When's Kasie gonna wake up? And will there be any lingering aftereffects?" she asked.

Mia shook her head. "We did a functional MRI test, and expect her to wake up by tomorrow morning. She hasn't really been in a coma long enough for there to be any kind of aftereffects. She may be confused when she wakes up, but that won't last long."

Debbie heaved a long sigh of relief when she heard that.

The women chatted for a while, and then Emmett came in. He raced to the hospital as soon as he got back from his business trip. He was surprised to see Debbie in the ward.

Still, he checked on Kasie first. He stroked her hand softly, his heart broken. After a long time, he turned to Debbie and asked, "Mrs. Huo, when did you get back? Mr. Huo said he'd pick you up next week."

"I just got here. Kasie's in a coma. How could I wait till next week?"

Emmett nodded. "Does Mr. Huo know you're back?"

"Nope. Haven't told him yet." She was going to head back to the manor after bidding Kasie's parents goodbye.

"How about I have the driver bring you home? I'll stay here and take care of Kasie," Emmett offered.

Mia echoed, "Right. Debbie, you haven't seen Mr. Huo since you got back. Just go home now. We'll look after Kasie. Don't worry."

Debbie was exhausted after a ten-plus-hour flight. Now that she'd come by to see Kasie, she decided to accept their kind offer. Emmett told the driver to take her to the manor.

When she arrived at the manor, Carlos wasn't there. 'Carlos is probably still at work, ' she thought. It was still daytime, after all. She took a shower to wash off the day's grime, and then settled down for a nap to try and recover from her jet lag. By the time she opened her eyes again, it was already dark outside. She got into her car and drove off.

At ZL Group

Debbie's sudden appearance drew all eyes to her. Before she even approached the receptionist, someone recognized her. "Good evening, Mrs. Huo," a woman greeted her.

Debbie got more greetings after that, mainly because they'd heard the woman refer to her as "Mrs. Huo."

"Hi, Mrs. Huo."

Debbie nodded at them with a smile. "Good evening."

While walking towards the elevator, she could hear people gossiping. "I thought she was in England. Why is she back already?"

"She looks like a teenager!"

"Mrs. Huo rarely comes around here. Why now? Is

ll his unique fragrance. "You won't come back? Then I'll go to England myself."

"Liar!" Debbie snorted. "I've been stuck in England for several months. You only went there once, and it was because you had to pick me up and so we could fly to New York together. I've come back twice now!"

Carlos felt rather guilty. She was telling the truth. He had promised her that he'd stay in England after he handed his work to his trusted employees. But it was taking so long. He kissed her forehead and apologized sincerely, "I'm sorry. I've been really busy recently. I'll try my best—"

"Shh-shush!" Debbie shushed him with a forefinger to his lips. "I know how busy you are. Don't worry. I'll fly back whenever I miss you. You have a family to support, and a company to run."

Carlos curled his lips. "Thank you for understanding, honey. I've had my men looking into Kasie's accident, by the way."


After some consideration, Carlos decided to tell Debbie something that he had been pondering on for a long time. "Honey, how about you come back and study here in Y City?"

"Why?" Debbie was confused.

"Arranging things at work is taking a lot longer than I thought. Every time I think I'm almost done, something new pops up. I don't want you studying abroad alone. I'm worried about you."

Debbie rolled her eyes and joked, "Don't worry. I had a wonderful time in England alone. Without my husband by my side, I can go to bars at nights and hang out with hot guys. As for you, since I'm not around, you can relax and have fun with other women... Aargh! Let go of me! You jerk!"

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