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   Chapter 297 Final Sleep

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7037

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Although Portia was acting rather odd, Debbie didn't say anything about it. After all, they were not friends. Debbie didn't give a damn about her mental state.

"I have a message for you, Lewis Huo. Now that you married Portia, just treat her right," Debbie said as she pulled something from her pocket.

Lewis kept nodding his head, staring at the table instead of looking Debbie in the eye. Big mistake, because suddenly the girl opened the knife and stuck it in the table with a thunk! His face turned pale immediately.

But Debbie wasn't done. She threatened, "Do something stupid again, like flirting with other girls... I'll chop your dick off!"

Frightened, Lewis clamped his legs shut and nodded vigorously. "Easy, easy! I swear I'll be nice to Portia. Jeez!"

The truth was Carlos had already fixed it, so Lewis would no longer be welcome at any club in Y City or New York. Debbie's husband was nothing if not thorough.

Upon hearing that, Debbie took the knife back and pushed the gift towards Lewis. "I don't need this. Buy your wife something nice instead."

Lewis gulped and nodded again. "Got it."

Saying nothing more, Debbie cast a warning glance at him before leaving the cafe.

A few days passed. Kasie called Debbie and told her the Huo family members had returned to New York. But Lewis was not among them. Carlos put him behind bars, and told him he had three months to reflect on what he had done.

If Lewis realized where he'd gone wrong and promised to mend his ways, Carlos would let him go. If he didn't, Carlos would still stop him from being released from prison.

Portia, the once proud princess, couldn't accept this and tried to OD on sleeping pills. Luckily, her family discovered it in time and took her to the hospital to have her stomach pumped.

After being discharged from the hospital, Portia went back home and transferred to a new college. No entertainment company would sign her, since her damaged reputation preceded her. Kasie had no idea what college Portia was attending. After Lewis got imprisoned, Portia went back to the Gu family and int

e asked.

Miranda turned to Debbie and gave her a meaningful look. "Carlos' grandpa is dying. You better be careful with James from now on."

Again, Debbie didn't know what she was trying to say. But her words left Debbie uneasy.

Miranda said nothing more.

Unable to hold back any longer, Debbie asked, "Aunt Miranda, what are you trying to say?"

'She is acting weird today, ' Debbie thought.

But Miranda didn't answer her question. She just stood there, lost in thought.

More than ten minutes passed, and Carlos' cries came from within the ward. "Grandpa! Grandpa!" The call bell rang. Doctors and nurses rushed into the ward, one carrying a clipboard. They all had surgical masks obscuring their features. The Huo family members stood at the door, waiting anxiously.

Within two minutes, the attending doctor took off his gauze mask and said in a serious tone, "Mr. Huo, I'm sorry. But your grandpa passed away."

The Huo family members started crying, tears streaming down their faces.

Valerie called her husband's name again and again. Everyone in the ward was a hot mess at that moment.

Even though Valerie had mentally prepared for this moment, she passed out and fell into Frasier's arms. Luckily, this was a hospital, and the doctor helped her regain consciousness again quickly enough.

As Douglas liked things simple, his funeral was a basic one, with no frills.

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