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   Chapter 296 Tell Me I'm Hot

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As Debbie spoke on the phone, she gulped down two more glasses of wine. "Mmm...this is good. You never let me drink. Anyway, you're so far away. You can't punish me... Hey...why did I even call? No, that's not right. I'm pissed, so I didn't call. Did you call me?"

Carlos had walked back to his office as he listened to the drunken woman babbling. He closed the door and patiently waited for her to finish. "Yes, I called you."

"Where was I? Oh...right! Don't charge your father and Lewis with anything. You feel me? If you don't listen to me, I'll find someone else who will. You aren't here, so you won't know!"

"Go ahead. See what happens," Carlos said angrily.

"You... You're so loud. How...could you... yell at me?" she whimpered, breaking into tears.

The woman's sudden tears confused Carlos. He quickly corrected himself, "No, no. It's okay. Go ahead."

"Go ahead? Okay. Remember, I won't forgive you. Don't call me again. I'm still mad now. Maybe forever. I love you so much, but..." The grief grew in her heart as she spoke. She cried again and continued, "I love you so much, but you lied to me and risked your life for another woman... You don't think of me as your wife. You just want me for sex..." She cried even louder.

Hearing her cry worried him. He began losing his cool and comforted her in a concerned voice, "Please, don't cry. Of course you're my wife. I love you, too!"

Debbie's crying came to a stop all of a sudden. "Really? No lie?"

"No lie. Carlos loves Debbie, you know?" he said tenderly.

"Hey...okay. Well, your wine is really tasty..." She hiccupped. "Oh, no! I hiccupped in front of you... I feel so ashamed. Still love me if I'm rude?"

"Yes," he replied helplessly, knowing that she was really drunk now.

"That's good. By the way, Carlos, when are you flying out here? I miss you so much. I'm lonely. And Gus, that brat! All he does is show how much he and his girl want each other. Huh! When you come here, we need to do that too!"

"Okay... I'll be there before you know it."

"Cool. Baby, I'm yawning! I need to hang up and get some rest. I want to hug you while I sleep. You can hug me too, and then I can kiss your chocolate abs that I love so much..."


ie finally answered Lewis' call and agreed to meet him and Portia at a cafe. Maybe it was time to talk.

Debbie was taken aback when she arrived at the cafe and saw Portia's face. It wasn't that long since last they met, but Portia looked like a totally different person now. She appeared haggard and downcast, as if all the life was sucked from her.

And Lewis was the same. He didn't look the part of a wealthy and carefree playboy.

"Debbie, we flew out here to apologize to you. We're really sorry," Lewis said as he took out an expensive gift box and placed it on the table in front of Debbie. "From me and Portia," he added.

And with that, Portia raised her head. She looked at Debbie with her red and swollen eyes. "Debbie, I'm sorry..." she apologized in a hoarse whisper.

Portia sounded truly pathetic. Her voice was unusually hoarse. So Debbie asked curiously, "What's wrong? You sick?"

Portia discreetly stole a glance at the embarrassed Lewis, tears threatening to stream from her eyes. Yet, she shook her head and hissed, "Nothing. Jet lag. I hope you can forgive me."

The truth was that she had been tortured by the perverted Lewis every night, ever since they got married. He had endless ways to vent his sexual desires on her. England or Y City, it didn't matter. Last night, he had even downed a vial of gingko biloba, and it got him even hornier. Their noise was so loud that the customers in the next hotel room over called the front desk and complained.

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