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   Chapter 295 I'll Give Up On You

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"It's true. That was the only thing Emmett let slip to me. I don't know much about anything else. He didn't tell me even though I asked multiple times," Kasie said from the other end of the phone.

"I see. Anyway, there's one more thing that's been troubling me..." Debbie said gloomily.

"What's that?"

Debbie told Kasie about Valerie's phone call.

After hearing everything, Kasie roared, "What the hell?! James Huo slapped you again? Dammit! He has really disgraced his son. Such a shameless father! And the old lady has some nerve, requesting you to plead with Carlos to let them both go. Unbelievable! Listen, leave these matters alone. Just let your husband do whatever he wants. Don't put in a good word for any of them. You have to take this chance to let the Huo family know that you have Mr. Huo's full support. If your husband is determined to punish Lewis and James this time, it will serve as a warning to the others. Even the old lady won't dare bully you again."

"But... I already promised Carlos' grandma that I'd try to help."

Frustrated, Kasie scolded, "Debbie! Why are you so soft-hearted? Ugh! I'm so pissed! Your husband is serious about giving them harsh punishment. How can you be such a lamb now?"

Debbie dropped into silence. After talking to her for a while longer, she ended the call.

A few minutes later, Debbie's phone rang again. The call was from an unknown number. But it didn't look like Valerie's. 'Could it be someone else from the Huo family?' she wondered with a sigh.

She answered, "Hello?"

"Deb. Um...Debbie. Portia and I are on our way to apologize to you," a lewd voice said. Debbie knew at once who it was.

She replied coldly, "Hmm."

"Um... We just arrived in England. We haven't gotten over the jet lag yet, but we are eager to see you right away. Please tell me where we can find you now."

Debbie had no intentions of meeting them. "We don't need to meet."

Lewis said anxiously, "No, please. Carlos said that we have to apologize to you in person. We just took a long flight to come see you. Please don't reject us."

"You don't need to apologize. I won't accept it anyway. That's all. Goodbye!"

Debbie hung up on him.

Lewis was stunned when he heard the beep from the other end. 'This woman is such a handful.'

He called

om and caught up with Carlos. "Mr. Huo, you look pale. You shouldn't work anymore. I will drive you home."

He knew that Carlos hadn't recovered completely yet, but he had forced himself to come to the office.

Carlos turned around and shushed him with a finger on his lips. He tapped the answer key and said in a soft voice, "Honey."

Hearing Carlos address the person on the phone, Emmett instantly understood who it was and shut his mouth. He quickly stepped backwards to give them some privacy.

Debbie was a little tipsy after gulping down all that wine. Taking full advantage of her drunken state, she said bravely, "Carlos, I heard that you are gonna charge a case against your father and Lewis. Don't do that! I've told you many times. Don't fight against your family for my sake. If you do that, they will just think that I am making you do it."

Carlos sensed that something was wrong about her. Frowning, he asked, "Are you drunk?"

"No, I'm not. Don't interrupt me. I really do want to punch your father black and blue, but he's your father. I can't do that. I will tolerate him for now. Let me tell you a secret about your father. He had an affair with a woman. I saw it with my own eyes while in New York."

Carlos was surprised that Debbie already knew about it. 'You are so tight-lipped, Debbie. How long would you have kept it from me if you weren't drunk right now?' he wondered.

"Your mom treats me well. Don't put him into jail for her sake. Okay? And as for Lewis...Was it you who exposed his scandals?"

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