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   Chapter 294 You Cheated Me

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Portia's face was drained of its color when she heard Carlos' threatening words. She shook her head violently and returned to the guest room.

When the door was closed behind her, Lewis, who had recovered from the pain, grabbed her hand violently and slapped her across the face. "You bitch! How dare you kick me! You are going to pay for that. I am gonna torture you to death tonight!" he yelled.

His hard slap made her head pound. Before she could come to herself, Lewis took his chance and pressed her against the bed again. "Look at yourself. You have the nerve to fantasize about being Carlos' woman. You think you deserve him? How naive! I will fuck you now and your dream will die forever!" he cussed with contempt in his voice.

Soon enough, thunderous and painful screams were heard from the guest room. Carlos ignored it and went back to his bedroom.

However, this was only the beginning of Portia's nightmare. There was more to come. The next morning, when she woke up, her eyes were empty and glazed, as if the light had gone out from them. Lewis looked weary and spiritless due to the exhaustion from the night. They got into the back seat of Lewis' car and left the manor together.

When the luxury car had moved just a few meters away from the manor, a woman suddenly rushed out of nowhere and stopped in front of the car. In a panic, the driver stepped on the brakes. The car came to an abrupt halt, and Lewis was thrown forward, hitting his head against the back of the front seat. "Dammit! What the hell are you doing? Do you even know how to drive?" Lewis roared at the driver.

"Mr. Lewis Huo, I'm sorry. Someone has jumped in front of the car, blocking our way," the driver explained nervously.

Lewis looked through the windshield and saw a pregnant woman standing in front of them, crying. Next to her, there were a bunch of reporters holding cameras and microphones.

The woman cried out loud, "Lewis Huo, you promised that you would marry me. You said you would acknowledge my baby as a Huo family member. But now, you're married to another woman. Lewis, get out of the car now! Explain yourself!"

It was the same pregnant woman whom Portia had arranged to fool Debbie. She had then claimed to be Carlos' mistress and had said that the baby belonged to him.

Ignoring everything else, the woman shouted in a hysterical voice, "Lewis, Portia! I know you two are in the car. Come out! You have conspired with each other and cheated me! If you don't give me an explanation today, I will die right here and you will be held responsible for my death!"

Annoyed, Lewis flung open the car door and got out. But before

orced to get married by someone. Could it be your husband? Only he has that kind of power. What do you think?"

Debbie was silent. She hadn't talked to Carlos in a while, so she had no idea what he had done. Then, another question came to her mind. "Did Carlos investigate the incident of you being drugged?" she probed.

"Yes! Emmett told me about it today. Portia was the mastermind behind the whole thing. Her target was you. Do you remember that you had given me the invitation card with your name on it while we entered the party?"

"Yes." She remembered it. She felt that it didn't matter at that time. And they indeed had entered the party smoothly even though they had exchanged their invitation cards by mistake.

"The security guard at the gate mistook me for you. He was arranged by Portia. When I went alone to the restroom, someone covered my mouth with the drugged napkin. After I passed out, he carried me to the arranged hotel room. And you know the rest."

'So, Portia's real target was me! She wanted Lewis to rape me... But because of the mishap with the invitation card, they had mistaken Kasie for me, and...'

Debbie angrily stomped her foot. "Those scumbags!" Thank God she had saved Kasie in time. If Kasie had been raped by Lewis, Debbie would have wanted to die because of the guilt.

"You haven't answered my question yet. Do you think it was Mr. Huo who had ruined their reputations?"

"Maybe..." Debbie said hesitantly.

"I think it was him. I asked Emmett. But he's so tight-lipped. Tomboy, I also heard that Mr. Huo almost gave away Portia to his bodyguards to let them have their way with her."

"What?" Debbie asked in shock. 'Looks like I missed out on a lot of good stuff while I was gone from Y City, ' she thought.

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