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   Chapter 293 So Annoyed

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Valerie cut to the chase and said, "Carlos is about to send his father and Lewis to jail for your sake."

The old lady wasn't someone who would joke with Debbie. Realizing the authenticity and severity of the matter, Debbie widened her eyes in shock. After a pause, she found her voice and stammered, "For real? Carlos...He... Is this true? What happened?"

Valerie sighed impatiently. "If it wasn't true, why do you think I'm making this phone call to you? Debbie, if you can talk Carlos into giving up his charges against James and Lewis, I won't be against your marriage anymore," Valerie swore.

As she slowly processed the old lady's words, Debbie dropped into an eerie silence.

Valerie silently waited for her reply on the other end.

A lot of questions flooded Debbie's mind. She tried to sort them out. 'Why would Carlos sue James? Is it because he slapped me? And Lewis? Was he sending him to prison for almost raping Kasie?'

After thinking hard for a few seconds, Debbie replied decisively, "Mrs. Valerie Huo, this wasn't the first time Carlos' father had laid his hands on me. And Lewis has done some really bad things. Are you sure you want to overlook their actions? I'm not sure if I can talk Carlos into letting them off the hook. But even if I do succeed, can you make sure that they won't commit the same mistake again? Can you make sure that your son won't hit me again? Or do you think you can stop Lewis from doing anything reckless from now on?"

Valerie already knew how eloquent Debbie was. "So, are you saying that you won't do me this favor?" she snapped, sounding a bit angry.

Debbie sighed. She never meant that she wouldn't help. She just wanted to get some sort of guarantee from her. "I didn't say I wouldn't help you. I'm just afraid that Carlos might not listen to me. But anyway, since it's a request from you, I'll give it a shot. But please, be ready for any outcome. I might not be able to change a thing."

"I know. Just call Carlos and tell him that you forgive them and that you do not hold them responsible for their actions."

"Mrs. Valerie Huo, you have misunderstood my words. I never said that I wouldn't hold them responsible." If she easily let James and Lewis be exempted from any responsibility this time, they would surely repeat their mistakes again. She couldn't just turn a blind eye on what they had done to her and Kasie.

"Why? What do you want from them?" Valerie raised her voice.

Debbie sneered. "If you think I will just let them walk away without making them suffer at least a little, then

her breath. Remembering how Carlos had wanted to let those bodyguards have their way with her yesterday, she got flustered and her face went pale. In an instant, she apologized in a hushed voice, "I'm sorry... I'll fly to England and apologize to Debbie tomorrow."

Carlos shot her a glance. "Do remember, this is your last chance. If you ever try to lay a finger on Debbie again, you know the consequences. Just as how easily I made you marry into the Huo family, I could also make you leave...

in a very miserable way," he said, with an evil scowl on his face.

Portia dramatically shook her head and promised, "No, I will never do it again. I swear!"

Lewis couldn't stand the tension in the room anymore. He wanted to stay away from his cousin. So when Carlos didn't respond to Portia, Lewis took Portia's hand and dragged her towards the door while saying, "Carlos, we're retiring to the guest room now. Goodbye!"

Portia struggled to break free from Lewis' grip. But sensing Carlos' cold gaze behind them, she gave up on the struggle and with tears in her eyes, she resignedly followed Lewis into the guest room.

Half an hour later, Portia felt like vomiting. Lewis was a pervert. She couldn't stand his torture any longer. While he was off guard, she kicked him and pushed him off the bed as she rushed out of the guest room with her clothes in a mess.

However, just as she ran out the door, she bumped into Carlos, who had come downstairs.

He gave her a quick look and then stared into the guest room. Lewis bent over on the floor, groaning in pain. Shifting his gaze back to the terrified Portia, Carlos warned ruthlessly, "There will be four men waiting for you if you step outside."

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