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   Chapter 287 I’ll Take Care Of You, Uncle Carlos

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6886

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Emmett was shocked. He hadn't thought that James would hit a woman.

The look in Carlos' eyes became murderous. After calming down a little, he told Emmett, "Find Lewis and bring him to me!" He would investigate the matter himself.

And James... He hit Debbie again. This time, Carlos would make sure he paid for it!

Three days later, Lewis was dragged back from abroad. Knowing that he had gotten himself into big trouble, he had fled to France right after the incident that evening. However, Carlos had found him easily.

Before he was brought back, he had called Valerie for help. To get himself enough protection against Carlos, he had asked his parents to come to Y City as well, along with Valerie. After getting off the plane, the three of them went straight to Carlos' manor.

Carlos' company wasn't functioning well in his absence. Without his supervision, along with the news of him being wounded, the executives had gone slack and flustered. When Carlos was discharged from the hospital, he had been informed of the situation at the offices. Before going back to the manor, he went directly to the company to set things right.

When he finally arrived at the manor, his mood worsened. The bedroom was empty. He looked for Debbie's traces everywhere. He walked around staring at her pictures, touching the dressing table at which she used to sit, feeling her scent. The sadness was unbearable.

He missed her terribly. He wanted to hear her voice, but Debbie wouldn't answer his calls.

Carlos sat on the bed and started to read a file. After some time, someone knocked on the door. Carlos closed the file and said, "Come in."

Emmett walked in and said, "Mr. Huo, Mrs. Valerie Huo and Mr. and Mrs. Wade Huo are here." As soon as Emmett stepped aside, Valerie said, "Carlos, my sweet grandson, how are you? Let me have a good look at you! I was worried to death."

Valerie walked into the bedroom, wearing a green gown. She was accompanied by Megan. Her eyes were red and she looked deeply worried. Wade and Miranda were in tow.


now how much she loves me. I have made her unhappy again and again. Right now, all I want is to recover soon and fly to England to apologize to her." His voice was stern and firm. The elders in the room were astonished. They couldn't believe that the ever-proud Carlos would go all the way to another country just to apologize to a woman.

Once again, the way Carlos cared about Debbie surprised them.

"Nonsense!" Valerie couldn't allow her outstanding, distinguished grandson to grovel before a woman.

She and Carlos looked at each other, their gazes sharp and fierce. "Grandma... Grandpa used to do things to make you happy before he was hospitalized. Have you forgotten? Do you think that was nonsense too?"

Valerie was tough and stubborn, while Douglas was easy-going. He was always the one that caved in. He humored her in everything.

Valerie's lips trembled at the mention of Douglas. She flustered. "Your grandpa is weak. He has been weak all his life. But you're different. You have always been proud and strong, shining like a star. Why should you flatter that kind of woman?"

"And what kind of woman is that?" Carlos asked, fury rising in him. "She is my wife, the woman I will spend the rest of my life with." Carlos didn't want to talk to Valerie anymore. "Emmett, take my grandma to her room. She is tired."

"Yes, Mr. Huo," Emmett replied.

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