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   Chapter 286 Left With A Broken Heart

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Debbie's warning made James angrier. He raised his hand to slap her again. Tristan nerved himself to grab his wrist and said, "Mr. James Huo, Mrs. Huo is telling the truth. She knew nothing about the mission. If you want to talk about it, why not wait until Mr. Carlos Huo wakes up? You can ask him directly."

James shook Tristan's hand off and continued to insult Debbie. "I know how much money Carlos has spent on you, you blood-sucking harpy. You asked him for a huge ring, you wear only designer clothes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. You even made him buy you a limited edition watch to apologize to you. What right do you have to do all this?"

Debbie clenched her fists and demanded, "I am a blood-sucking harpy? You want to know what my rights are? What about you?" She looked James directly in the eye and went on, "You are my father-in-law, and yet, you asked the servants to put birth control pills in my food for a really long time. Right now, Carlos is lying in there unconscious, but as his father, you don't even try to check on him. All you want to do is bellow at me. What kind of father are you?"

"You!" James raised his hand again. Tristan and Tabitha stopped him. "James, let's go check on Carlos," Tabitha persuaded.

"How? He is in the ICU, and this is not visiting hours. We can't get in."

The fierce conflict between the two had drawn a lot of gazes. Tabitha looked at Debbie resignedly and asked, "Can you leave for now?"

"No! I'll only leave when Carlos is out of danger and has been transferred to the general ward." Needless for them to say, she had already decided to leave by then.

James snorted, "Shameless!"

'Why should I put up with his insults like this?' she thought angrily. She lifted her fist to strike James. Tristan saw it. He let go of James immediately and stood in front of her. "Mrs. Huo, this is a hospital and Mr. Huo is still unconscious. Calm down," he whispered in her ear.

Suddenly, Debbie felt dizzy. Her head spun uncontrollably. Her legs were too weak to support her, and she collapsed onto Tristan's shoulder.

Tristan was flustered. "Mrs. Huo, what's wrong?" he asked as he led her towards the bench.

Debbie closed her eyes a moment, trying to clear her head and

s arrived safely."

Carlos rubbed his forehead. He knew that she was furious with him.

Emmett went on, "Since the moment you were brought in, Mrs. Huo had stayed here without eating or sleeping. She was here when you were in the surgery room, when you were in the ICU, and when you were finally moved to this ward. She didn't leave until you were out of danger."

Carlos was confused. 'So, she was worried about me. Then why did she leave when I was just about to wake up?'

he wondered.

"Mrs. Huo almost had a meltdown when she found out about the mission. Mr. Huo, you have to do something to make up to her."

Carlos nodded. He had anticipated that she would be mad, and was ready to do anything to appease her.

At that moment, Tristan poked his head into the ward and asked, "Mr. Huo, where are your parents?"

Carlos replied, with his phone still in his hand, "They went back to the manor to get some rest."

Hearing that James wasn't around, Tristan hastened towards the bed. He looked at Carlos, hesitating about whether to tell him what had happened earlier.

Carlos raised his eyebrow to give him a sidelong look. "Speak," he commanded coldly.

Tristan took a deep breath and decided to tell the truth. "Last night, your father hit Mrs. Huo, and insulted her as well."

Carlos' fingers froze on the phone screen.

"What?" A grim cloud formed on his face. Tristan repeated what had happened the night before, including how Debbie had been slapped and bellowed at.

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