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   Chapter 285 The Long Wait

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7150

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After hanging up, Debbie waited impatiently at the entrance to the emergency department. Within half an hour, several ambulances pulled up, their sirens wailing loudly. More cars and military vehicles followed.

She didn't know which ambulance Carlos was in. All she could do was stand there and watch the doctors and nurses open the doors of the ambulances and shift the patients from the stretcher to the hospital cot.

She noticed that one of the ambulances had more doctors and nurses than the others. When the door opened, some military officers walked out of it in a hurry.

And a man covered in blood was carried out carefully. "Come and give a hand. Take care not to touch Mr. Huo," a doctor said hastily to a nurse.

'Mr. Huo?'

Debbie ran towards the stretcher. It was Carlos!

His face was as white as a sheet, and his clothes were blood-drenched. 'Blood... So much blood...My God!' Tears streamed down her cheeks.

One of the doctors wanted to push her out of the way, but all he said was, "Mrs. Huo, we're trying to save Mr. Huo. Every second is valuable. Please move out of the way."

"What... what happened to him?" It took Debbie a while to find her voice.

The doctor replied as he quickly wheeled the cot into the hospital, "A bandit stabbed him thrice and he was also shot twice. His old wound has also reopened. Mrs. Huo, we will do our best to save Mr. Huo's life. Right now, every second is crucial. Please excuse us."

Her face went deathly pale when she heard his situation. It was like a bomb exploding inside her brain, turning her world into complete darkness. She didn't know what to say or do. She just ran beside the cot.

Carlos was wheeled into the elevator. She pushed to the edge of the cot, grabbed his bloody hand and called in a whisper, "Carlos, Carlos..."

He heard her soft voice and his eyelids fluttered.

Debbie pressed his hand against her cheek. "Can you hear me, Carlos?" she asked tearfully. Slowly, Carlos opened one eye.

He saw her.

'Hmm... It's so good to see her...' Carlos' mouth twitched a little, but before he could say anything, he passed out.

When they

the bench and nodded to them in greeting.

Before she could answer, James slapped her across the face.

It was such a heavy blow that Debbie went right to the floor.

Lying there, she raised her head and saw the anger in James' eyes. His face was twisted in rage. 'Huh! How ironic this is. I slapped Megan this morning, and now the slap has been returned to me. Karma is a bitch, ' she thought bitterly.

Tabitha and Tristan were both taken aback by James' action. "James, why did you hit her?" Tabitha asked, trembling.

Tristan hung up immediately and helped Debbie to her feet.

James pointed at Debbie and barked, "Is this how you take care of my son? As his wife, what have you done for him? Nothing!"

Debbie sneered, "Learn the truth first before you point your finger at others. Your son got wounded because of Megan, not me."

The expression on James' face worsened. "Don't talk back to me! Look how rude you are. Carlos has spoiled you too much. Why didn't you stop him? This is ridiculous! He is a CEO now, not a soldier. Why did he want to be part of this mission?"

Debbie laughed. She looked at James sarcastically. "I was explaining the situation to you and you call that talking back? I didn't even know that he was going on a mission. How was I supposed to stop him? Since you are Carlos' father, I won't hit you back this time. But I won't tolerate it if you ever lay a finger on me again."

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