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   Chapter 255 She's Mrs. Huo

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Megan grabbed Debbie's wrist to stop her. "Aunt Debbie, are you still mad at me?" she asked with a pitiful look on her face.

She saw a group of women gather around Debbie, and she thought this was the ideal time to mess with her. She wasn't going to approach Debbie privately. Debbie was no pushover, and Carlos would back her up if she tried anything. He had backed Megan over Debbie once, but it might not always go so well.

Now Debbie was surrounded by quite a few different women, and they were all fans of Carlos. Megan decided to join them to deal with Debbie.

Debbie shook Megan's hand off and snapped at her angrily, "Yes, I am. I'm mad because you guys are like flies, buzzing around me all the time. That's really annoying."

The women were quite taken aback by Debbie's insult. You could see it from the looks on their faces.

Megan knew how to piss Debbie off, and our heroine would rise to the bait. These women were from well-off families and had been spoiled by their parents. Naturally, they wouldn't bear the humiliation quietly.

The first one to snap back was Portia. She looked down at Debbie and reprimanded her in a harsh voice, "You really think you're somebody after marrying Mr. Huo, don't you? You need to learn how to be Mrs. Huo. A Huo would have more grace and elegance."

"Hah!" Debbie laughed mirthlessly, thoroughly amused. "Who the hell do you think you are, Portia Gu? I need to learn how to be Mrs. Huo? You're dying to claim that title, aren't you? Sorry to burst your bubble. Carlos wouldn't marry you even if you were the last woman on earth."

After saying that, she carefully put the glass on the tray of a nearby waiter and stalked out of the room, leaving the furious women behind. She believed she was showing them the right mix of contempt and disdain.

Wearing an evening dress and a pair of sneakers, she was too embarrassed to wander through the crowds. The less people saw her mismatched outfit, the better. Carlos had asked her to wait for him, so she was forced to go to the garden—that was an area that had next to no one in it.

The indoor heating system worked very well. When Debbie left the building, cold air pressed against her skin. The chill raised goosebumps, and she was immediately uncomfortable.

She pulled her cloak around her with shivering hands. She let the wool do its work and keep h

ards were at a loss. They controlled the chaos as best they could.

Debbie didn't know she had become the talk of the town. She was going to boot up Weibo or something in the garden, but Hayden had stopped her.

When she left the gates, many people immediately recognized her. Piercing screams split the air. "Look! Hey! It's Mrs. Huo!" "That's Debbie Nian! The girl who married Carlos Huo!"

Some took out their phones to compare this woman to the pictures posted by reporters at the expo. "Blue dress with petals, check! Updo, check! Round eyes... Yeah! She IS Mrs. Huo!"

"She's so pretty!"

"Mrs. Huo, such an honor. Can I get your autograph?" They all went on like that. The noise had reached a fever pitch, and Debbie had no problem hearing them, but she had trouble making out anything coherent.

She looked around to see her husband's crazy fans holding a giant luminous board with letters "Carlos Huo" printed on it.

It was the first time that Debbie had been in a situation like this. She didn't know how to respond; all she could do was smile.

She desperately wanted to leave, but Carlos' fans gathered around her and even broke through the cordon. The guards were unable to stop them as the human wave surged around them.

Debbie was instantly caught in the middle of the crowd. People took out their phones and cameras to take pictures, or set up selfies with her.

Unable to resist their enthusiasm, Debbie took a girl's pen and notebook, and signed her name on it in a serious manner.

This was the first time she'd ever signed an autograph.

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