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   Chapter 254 A More Reliable Man

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Kasie felt a warm feeling course throughout her body. She tried to stay calm and pulled Emmett closer to her, who was seriously looking at the diamond rings. "I was just kidding, Emmett! I haven't even graduated yet. I don't want to spend my school life with a baby in my belly. Don't propose to me now."

Emmett shook his head helplessly. "Kasie, you fool. We can get engaged now and we'll get married after you graduate."

His words touched Kasie. Tears threatened to fall from her reddened eyes. But she pretended to be angry and chided, "Be honest! Are you rushing your proposal just to save a meal? Our parents haven't met each other yet. Do you think I'll be taken in so easily? Humph, no way!"

The truth was that she wanted to marry Emmett as soon as possible too. But on second thoughts, she didn't want to rush things because they had only been together for a short period. After all, marriage was a huge event in a person's life, especially for a woman. She wanted to thoroughly consider this before making a final decision.

Emmett nodded understandingly. "You have a point there. I'll wait until you graduate. And then, I'll ask my parents to speak to your parents about our marriage."

Through her tear-filled eyes, Kasie saw a beautiful future unfolding in front of her. She said with a fake pout, "Then it's settled. If you don't officially propose when I graduate, you'll be a cheating dog. And if I don't say yes when you do, I'll be the cheating dog."

Emmett considered her words for a few seconds. As if waking up from a confusion, he corrected himself immediately, "You got me wrong, Kasie! What I meant was that I'd propose to you after your junior year, not your senior year! You will not be taking the postgraduate entrance exam, right? If so, let's make it earlier. I'll propose to you at the end of this semester and ask for your parents' blessing."

"What?! So soon? There's only one semester left in that case." Although she wanted to marry him soon, she felt a semester's time was too short.

"Yeah. I need to ask Mr. Huo for leave a few months in advance. I may need at least a month off to prepare for our engagement and wedding. That's to say, I won't be working in July and I'll start earning for our family from August..." Emmett kept mumbling about their plan with a serious look on his face.

Kasie glowed with happiness as she watched her man carefully plan their future. He was obviously serious about their marriage.

She had missed out on Lewis, but now, she had Emmett, a much

at her husband had run away with an old woman. old woman, she actually meant me!' she thought angrily.

Olga had believed that Carlos had invited her to insult Debbie and laugh at her. But now, she realized that she had been the one who was being laughed at by the couple.

Olga was ticked off, her face contorted in anger.

As she was about to throw a tantrum, Carlos' warning came to her mind. He had earlier warned her not to offend Debbie. Olga shuddered and held back her anger.

She tried her hardest to adjust her emotion and steady her breathing. As Olga was wondering whether she should apologize or go away at once, Debbie asked again, "Miss Mi, who is shameless here? How about I call my husband and ask him for his opinion?"

Debbie thought that it was the right time to exercise her right as Mrs. Huo and get rid of her love rivals. It was now or never!

"You dare threaten me using Mr. Huo's name?" Olga flared up. She hadn't had the chance to humiliate Debbie yet, and the arrogant woman was already Mrs. Huo. How could she ever get the chance to stamp on her now?

"Carlos is my husband. Why can't I do it?" 'I should make good use of Carlos' power right now!' she thought mischievously. Debbie sat back on the sofa and continued with a broad smile, "I don't want to see any of you here. Get lost, or I'll call Carlos."

"Aunt Debbie," a voice called out.

Before those women could stand up to leave, another appeared in the lounge.

Debbie felt her head pound. She had dealt with a lot of women tonight, but now she had to handle a more troublesome, disgusting woman. 'Oh, Jesus! I'd better get up and leave!' she thought, sighing helplessly.

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