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   Chapter 240 Blair Jing

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7495

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'Carlos promised that he would protect and take care of me for the rest of my life, but why didn't he stop Debbie when she was bullying me?

He said that he would ask her to apologize to me, but when she forced me to apologize to her, he didn't even try to stop her, ' Megan thought.

She knew it was not that he couldn't stop her, but that he didn't want to. If Carlos wanted to prevent something from happening, he could. Be it Debbie or anyone else, it didn't matter. What mattered was whether he really wanted to or not.

So on the surface, it seemed like he was protecting Megan, but actually he was on Debbie's side.

In the end, neither Wesley nor Damon stopped Debbie from attacking her. 'Debbie called those three men idiots. They aren't. Maybe they already know what I did and what I have always been doing.

Huh! Men are such liars!' Megan thought resentfully.

Wesley drove around on the streets aimlessly. He couldn't stop thinking about that woman.

When his mind finally came back to the present, his car had already come to a stop at the entrance of a run-down housing estate.

This was where her fiance lived. Wesley had heard that she was pregnant. She was only twenty years old. But she was willing to have a baby.

The man she was going to marry was several years older than her and had no money or power. Why was she willing to marry him? Was she happy with him?

Wesley parked the car across the street and killed the engine. He rolled down the window, lit his cigarette and took a drag on it. Several people came and went through the entrance.

After a long while, a cab came to a halt at the entrance. A man in his late twenties walked out.

A woman of the same age got out of the cab, following him. They walked into the housing estate together intimately.

Wesley squinted his eyes at the sight. The man looked like her fiance.

But in his arms was another woman. 'I thought she was living a happy life after she left me. Looks like that is coming to a shattering end.'

A sad smile crept over Wesley's lips.

He took out his phone and called someone. "Find a way to make her come to her fiance's place right away."

Twenty minutes later, a bus stopped near the entrance of the housing es

slumped into the couch and buried her teary face into her hands.

Every time he saw her, she was in some kind of embarrassing situation. When she had gotten engaged, she had thought that finally she had something to be proud of in front of him. But now, even that was gone, and he had seen her leave her fiance's place in defeat.

'Wesley, you idiot. Why did you have to leave so soon? I didn't even get a good look at you, ' Blair Jing thought.

When Carlos came out to the hospital entrance, once again, Debbie was nowhere to be found. He closed his eyes in frustration and thought that maybe one day his wife would set a new Guiness record in running.

He called her. To his surprise, the call was answered only on the third ring. "Yes, Mr. Huo? How may I help you?"

"Where are you?"

"In a cab."

"Where to?"

"Going home to pack and get the hell out of your life."

"Wait for me at home."

He said that much and hung up.

Carlos was always quick to act. Before they had headed for the hospital, Debbie had heard Carlos telling Wesley on the phone that he was going back to the manor, but when she and Wesley reached the hospital, Carlos was already there waiting for them.

And now, when the cab arrived at the manor, Carlos' Emperor was already parked at the entrance. The man was leaning against the car door, smoking.

Once the cab stopped, Carlos walked over to it with the cigarette in his mouth. He opened the door for Debbie, who was still paying the fare.

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