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   Chapter 235 He Has Changed

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Debbie was already drunk. She put a hand over Colleen's shoulder and told Emmett, "I'm not going to see Carlos. Just leave me alone. Colleen, let's drink some more."

The two women had had a happy evening drinking together. Colleen was a little drunk as well. Resting her head on Debbie's shoulder, Colleen dismissed Emmett saying, "You may leave. Debbie is mine now."

Emmett was left speechless. He wanted to leave, but his boss would kill him if he left without Debbie. "Mrs. Huo, it's very late, and you must be sleepy. Just come with me for now, okay?" he coaxed Debbie patiently.

She tried to open her sleepy eyes and fixed her gaze on the anxious secretary. "Okay... No! Okay..."

'Is that a yes or a no?' Emmett wondered, feeling defeated.

Eventually, he managed to carry Debbie out of the bar with Gregory's help.

Carlos' Emperor was parked at the entrance. The man sitting in the back seat instantly had a headache at the sight of the drunk woman on Emmett's back.

He got out of the car and retrieved his wife from Emmett. He frowned when he smelled the alcohol emitting from her.

Debbie opened her eyes and found herself in the car. She then spotted Carlos sitting next to her, but she was too drunk to keep a cool head. "Ah, it's you! Asshole Huo! Mr. Asshole... Urgh...I'm so full. Another sip will make me burst."

How Carlos wished he could throw her into the snow to cool her down! But that was just a thought.

He pulled his wife into his arms and listened to her constant grumbling.

"Why are you here in front of me?" she asked.

"You don't want to see me, do you?" he asked in reply. His voice was low as he asked that.

"Hmm..." Debbie nodded and blurted out, "Carlos Huo has changed. He no longer treats me like he used to. I'm not going to love him either. I'll marry someone else."

"Whom do you want to marry?" Carlos tried his best to suppress his growing anger.

After a moment's consideration, she answered, "Gregory! Or Curtis, or Gus, or Hayden, or Emmett!"

The names she uttered sh

side him, he kissed her mercilessly, while his hands ran all over her body.

And she was so obedient this time that he couldn't help but have sex with her in all kinds of positions again and again...

The next morning, when Debbie woke up, her head was killing her.

She turned over in her bed; she felt like her body had been run over by a truck. When she yawned, she found that her mouth was sore.

'What the hell happened last night? Why am I feeling so tired?'

She sat up, looked around and then realized that she was in her and Carlos' bedroom at the manor.

'How did I get back here? When did I get back?

Why can't I remember a single thing?'

Rubbing her aching temples, she threw back the covers in an attempt to look for her phone. "Aaaaaargh!" she screamed in a hoarse voice.

She was shocked by what she saw.

Marks! Marks all over her body!

'This is Carlos Huo's work!!' she thought angrily.

She found her phone and dialed Carlos' number—a spur-of-the-moment decision. When it connected, she yelled into the phone, "Carlos Huo, what did you do to me last night?" She sounded as if she had been compelled to engage in prostitution.

Carlos curled his lips as he remembered what had happened last night.

Wesley, who was sitting opposite him, snorted upon seeing his reaction. 'That must be his wife calling!' he thought.

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