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   Chapter 224 Is She Saying I'm Old

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"Okay, please help me apply for a 10, 000-dollar VIP card," Debbie said to the young man. Deep down, she wondered if Carlos made her become bolder in spending money. This guy talked her into buying a 10, 000-dollar card, and that was not chump change. He appeared to have done so easily, like he had a gift for fast talk. It only took three minutes for her to be 10, 000 dollars poorer.

Even before Debbie's hair was dry, the handsome hairdressers had quickly fetched the VIP application form for her to fill in and sign.

They couldn't show more hospitality to Debbie by entertaining her with fresh fruits and beverages. In no time, a POS machine was put in front of her. So, without moving an inch from her seat, Debbie sealed the deal.

So, with her new hairdo, Debbie was warmly sent off by the handsome young men. Her hair was dyed brown, yet it looked black; it was trimmed, yet it looked as long as before. Well, the so-called new hairdo didn't seem that different at all.

In a daze, Debbie stepped out of the hair salon holding the Gold Card in her hand. This Gold Card was given to her by Carlos. She hadn't brought this bank card to New York and had kept it in another handbag.

She never expected to waste 10, 000 dollars so soon.

She mourned a bit, feeling sad to waste money so impulsively.

Then, she opened the WeChat app and posted an update in the Moments. She wrote, "Wow, nowadays, hairdressers are all young and handsome, but with mad sales skills! They got me to buy a VIP card. Aww, poor me! My heart is aching, and so's my wallet. If I could turn back time, I would've never stepped into that store..."

She then put two Crying Face emojis below the words.

On the other hand, working in his office, Carlos heard his phone beep when Debbie posted her update. He had set her account as the Top Focus, so he would get her updates right away.

He immediately tapped Debbie's Moments. However, as he read the content, his frown deepened. 'Young and handsome? She always calls me old man. Is she saying I'm old?' he wondered.

'And why was she sad for buying a VIP card?' He was intrigued. How much money had Debbie put down on that card that made her so frustrated? He called Emmett in and asked, "Emmett, check how much money Debbie spent just now and where. All accounts."

Ten minutes later, Emmett reported, "Mrs. Huo spent 10, 000 dollars on a VIP card in a hair salon at the Shining International Plaza."

'What? Just 10, 000 dollars? And she's sad?' Carlos couldn't help bursting into laughter.

"Go and upgrade the card. The highest amount they have," he demanded.

"Um...yes, Mr. Huo," Emmett replied.

He hadn't made it to the office door yet when Ca

bbie had eaten dinner outside before coming back to the manor. Carlos hadn't come home from work yet, so she went to the yoga room. After doing a few poses, like Tree Pose and Downward Dog, she decided to head to the music room afterwards.

Carlos didn't come back until eleven o'clock at night. He found Debbie in the music studio and she was concentrating on writing a song.

He caught a glimpse of her scribbles on the paper. There were crosses or dots under most of the words. It seemed that she wasn't satisfied with the lyrics she had come up with.

Carlos stood behind her and patiently waited for a few moments. Yet, she didn't notice his presence. He stayed silent, even held his breath, trying to make himself as unobtrusive as possible.


"Aargh!" Her high-pitched shriek interrupted his unspoken words.

Debbie jerked around to stare at the man who had sprung up from nowhere, her face white as a sheet. His sudden voice startled her so much that she felt like she was having a heart attack. As it was, she was still trembling.

Carlos inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. "Am I that scary?"

Debbie nodded, but then shook in panic. "No, you're handsome..."

A dash of satisfaction flashed through his eyes, but soon it vanished into thin air as he heard her say, "As handsome as a vampire."

Carlos sighed.

He threw a cold glance at her and demanded, "Go to bed now. Don't stay up late!"

"That's none of your business. Anyway, I can use my husband's money to buy the most expensive eye cream. I can use my husband's money to keep healthy no matter how late I stay up!"

Her words made Carlos happy but also angry at the same time.

In the end, he grabbed hold of her wrist and dragged her out of the music studio to keep her from talking any more nonsense.

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