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   Chapter 211 Hayden Is A Crazy Guy

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Carlos' tall figure came into view. Realizing she was in Hayden's arms now, Debbie felt the blood rushing to her head. She knew that she had done wrong, and she was now in a compromising position. Carlos would be angry with her, she knew that. And he had no sense when it came to Debbie. It was like she knew exactly which button to push to drive him crazy, but didn't know she was doing it until it was too late.

'I'm so screwed!'

She released Hayden's neck and jumped out of his arms. She was so anxious that she staggered when she landed on the floor. Luckily, Hayden steadied her and kept her from a nasty fall.

'Dammit! I promised Carlos that I wouldn't hang around with Hayden.'

Carlos stood where he was, wordless. His eyes fixed upon her, as cold as ice.

Debbie opened her mouth to explain, but nothing came out, and she shut it again. After recalling what he had done for Megan, she decided otherwise.

She turned and walked into the kitchen, without saying a word.

Now, Hayden was sure that there must be something wrong between Debbie and Carlos.

He gave Carlos a smile and sat on the couch naturally, almost as if he were not a guest. "It's not what it looks like, Mr. Huo. I'm here for egg tarts. I helped Deb on the plane earlier, and she wanted to make egg tarts for me in return. Nothing happened. You seem like a reasonable man..."

Resting his hands in his pockets, Carlos cast a cold glance at Hayden and said indifferently, "You seem to have a lot of free time, Mr. Gu. Do you want a lot more?"

As a clever man, Hayden instantly heard the warning in Carlos' words. "Thank you, Mr. Huo, but I'm good. We're really busy these days. After all, we'd been preparing bids on a specific contract for a while, but ZL Group suddenly stepped in and outbid us. We have to stay alert, right?" Hayden said.

Carlos turned to look at Debbie, who was pretending to be busy in the kitchen. "You like egg tarts, Mr. Gu?"

Hayden didn't know why Carlos asked, so he simply answered, "Deb's making them."

"Then just sit here and wait. Remember, don't take off."

After saying that, Carlos walked past the couch, and into the kitchen. He turned off the tap and pulled Debbie, who was washing a rag, into his arms. His moves were quick and smooth.

Debbie was startled. "What are you— Mmm..." Carlos kissed her rudely on the lips. His kiss was f

nd dragged her out of the villa, causing her to stagger. "Let me go, Carlos! Where are you taking me?" Debbie yelled.

Carlos, however, gripped her wrist tight all the way to the Emperor car, and without saying a word, pushed her roughly into the back seat.

Emmett and Tristan were struck speechless. 'What's going on? Why's he treating her like this?

Does he forget how hard he worked to make her happy before?' both the secretaries thought to themselves.

Emmett pushed Tristan aside and told him, "Bro, we'll talk later." He trotted towards the Emperor and started the engine.

Carlos sat beside Debbie in the back seat. In a cold voice, he demanded, "Drive to the hospital."

Hospital? Emmett couldn't help but turn his head to check if Debbie was hurt.

"Go!" Carlos' sharply barked command startled both Debbie and Emmett. Emmett turned back his head and drove towards the hospital under ZL Group.

Debbie rubbed her aching wrist and asked angrily, "What are you doing? Why take me to the hospital?"

Carlos didn't respond.

Debbie felt wronged. She held back her tears and snarled, "Stop the car! I'm not going anywhere."

Carlos cast a burning glance at her and repeated the question he had asked her before. "Your aunt Flo has visited you twice this month. Why?"

Debbie yelled back, "I don't know! What are you implying? Maybe I got sick. Are you taking me to the hospital? Are you deaf? I'm not going there. And this is how you treat a sick woman?"

She really couldn't understand why Carlos completely lost it when he heard she'd had her period.

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