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   Chapter 210 Have Something To Do With Debbie

Take My Breath Away By Changdu Characters: 10119

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Hayden had been talking about work with his assistant the whole way. He hadn't intended to interrupt Debbie either. He respected her space, and sometimes it was just enough for him to catch a glimpse of her. They were downtown before he finally took the initiative to talk to her. But this time, he had a pretty important question to ask.

"Where's your house?"

Debbie hesitated at the question. 'Should I go back to the manor? Carlos and Megan are probably there already.' Not in the mood to see Megan, she replied, "Please drive me to East City Villa."

Hayden raised his eyebrows. "Oh, what a coincidence! I have a house there too," he said to Debbie. He turned to his assistant. "Alfred, I'll stay in East City Villa tonight. Have someone ready the house for me," he instructed.

"Yes, Mr. Gu."

Debbie's breath caught in her throat. If she had known he had a house there too, she wouldn't have rattled off that destination.

Even so, they remained silent again all the way to East City Villa. She didn't feel much like talking, and she was hoping Carlos wouldn't figure out where she was right now, or that she'd caught a ride with Hayden.

A few moments later, the Porsche pulled up in front of Debbie's previous villa. Hayden personally helped her remove her luggage from the trunk.

Debbie reached out her hands for the luggage while saying, "Thank you for the ride, Mr. Gu. Goodbye!"

Instead of handing the luggage to her, Hayden suggested, "I figured out what you could do to repay me for the ticket. You used to make the most wonderful egg tarts. I haven't had any in a long time. How about you make some for me now? Then we go our separate ways, and you owe me nothing. What do you think?"

Frankly, this was rather a far-fetched excuse. He knew it, and so did Debbie. It was just an excuse to spend more time with her. And she didn't want to do that. She wanted to talk to her friends, and be alone with her thoughts. Hayden was a constant—and dangerous—distraction.

Of course Debbie turned him down and refused bluntly, "If I recall correctly, you don't like egg tarts, do you? On top of that, I don't know how to make egg tarts. I think I'd better buy you a meal some other time."

The truth was, she could make egg tarts if all the ingredients were ready-made. There were pre-made egg custard, pastries and tart tins sold in the supermarket. She just needed to fill the tart tins with the egg custard and put them into an oven to bake for a while. But she didn't feel like doing that now. She didn't have the energy to do much at all.

Back when she and Hayden were dating, she had once made egg tarts for him. But he'd just looked at the egg tarts with contempt in his eyes without taking a bite.

"Deb, I didn't cherish what we had. I've been regretting ever since. Please, I'm not asking much now. And we're already at the door of your house. Don't refuse me, please?" Hayden stared at her expectantly.

Debbie pulled a long face, annoyed. "I don't have any ingredients at home."


xt to him was on the verge of going ballistic. The atmosphere inside the elevator was heavy and oppressive.

In the parking lot, Emmett gestured to Carlos to take a seat in back.

But when Emmett had just sat in the driver's seat and fastened the seatbelt, Carlos suddenly got out of the car and opened the door of the driver's seat. He pulled him out while yelling, "Move!"

Emmett obediently moved to the passenger seat.

Thanks to Carlos' excellent driving skills, the engine of the pricey and high-end Emperor roared to life, and handled like a dream. The gleaming high-performance engine could be heard clearly as the car raced through the city streets. As the car zigzagged along the road, Emmett held tightly onto the interior handrail, fighting the urge to vomit. His eyes were fixed on the windshield and his lips were zipped.

Undoubtedly, Carlos' mad behavior must have something to do with Debbie.

About twenty minutes later, the Emperor rolled to a stop at the East City Villa. Seeing the sapphire Porsche and Tristan's car parked in front of Carlos' villa, Emmett was even more certain about his guess.

'Mr. Huo always loses his composure when it comes to Debbie, ' he thought smugly.

Using the fingerprint lock, Carlos silently pushed open the door and walked toward the living room. He didn't even bother to change his footwear from outside shoes to ones more appropriate for the house.

In the kitchen, holding Debbie's hand tightly, Hayden asked anxiously, "Deb, does it hurt? I'm taking you to the hospital now!" That said, he gathered her into his arms straightaway, giving her no chance to refuse. He started to carry her out of the kitchen.

Feeling her body leave the ground all of a sudden, Debbie reflexively wrapped her arms around his neck. "No, put me down first..." 'It's not that serious!' she thought.

Hayden ignored her protests and rushed out of the kitchen, carrying her in his arms. Just as he stepped out, he saw a man in the living room and slowed his pace.

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