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   Chapter 204 Call Him

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Carlos' ruthless refusal was a shock to Megan. She felt as if she'd been struck by a thunderbolt. Her face turned pale. "Uncle Carlos, don't you like me at all?" Her lips trembled.

"I like you, but that's not love. I see you as family."

Megan couldn't take it. This was not what she had expected. She took a few steps back while shaking her head in disbelief. "No, no! Uncle Carlos, you are always so good to me. You love me! I know you do!"

Carlos sighed deeply. "Megan, listen to me."

He tried to calm her down, but in the end, Megan's illness reared its head again. She slumped onto the ground, gasping for air.

Carlos closed his eyes tightly in resignation, scooped her up, and started walking towards the house. Sitting in the car, Debbie watched her husband carry another woman in his arms all the way to the manor. That wasn't what she wanted. Not even what she needed. She was hoping to get away from all this, away from Carlos' family, away from creepy Lewis, who had plucked the straw that broke the camel's back. From judgmental Valerie and James, two oldsters who didn't like her because her family wasn't rich. Because there was no advantage for them if Carlos stayed married to her. They even suggested she divorce Carlos.

A couple of minutes later, Mr. Handsome himself called her.

She slid her finger along the screen of the phone to take the call but didn't speak.

"Honey, I'll get my assistant to drive you to the villa first. Megan is sick. I can't leave right now. I'll be there as soon as possible."

Debbie smiled bitterly. There was little she could say. After a while, she replied gently, "Okay. But you have worked all day. Take care of yourself."

Carlos was exhausted. Debbie's tender words were the cure for everything. He smiled, "Okay. Just rest when you get there. Don't stay up late."

"Got it. Bye, honey."


The car stopped in front of a white villa. Debbie had expected to see an empty house, but when she got out of the car, she could see lights were on inside the house through the windows. She assumed Carlos must have told someone to turn the lights on for her.

Carlos' assistant led her inside. Two maids were waiting for her. "Good evening, Mrs. Huo," they greeted her with a bow at the main entrance.

Debbie nodded with a smile and asked, "Is the room ready?"

"Yes, Mrs. Huo. The room is upstairs. Please follow me."


"You're right. Your husband won't cheat on you—intentionally. But I'm not sure about Megan. What if she kisses him? "

'Kiss him?' Megan had kissed Carlos more than once before. The scenes played out in Debbie's head. The longer she visualized it, the more anxious she became. What if Megan got Carlos in bed? What if he liked her better than Debbie? "Call you later. Bye. "

She hung up the phone immediately and called Carlos.

The phone was connected soon, but Megan answered it.

"Aunt Debbie, it's so late. What's up?"

Debbie sneered, finding her question ridiculous. 'Do I need a reason to call my own husband?' "Where is your uncle Carlos?"

"Uncle Carlos was worried that I might be hungry, so he went to the kitchen to cook something for me."

'She's gloating, ' Debbie realized. 'She thinks she's won.' "What makes you think he wants you to answer his phone? And why are you keeping him up so late? You know he has to work, right?" she asked, trying to keep composed.

"What's wrong with it? Uncle Carlos and I are in love. You're the other woman trying to come between us. Now you are telling me what's okay?" Megan provoked.

Debbie was going mad. She sneered, "You two are in love? Then why didn't he marry you? Why did he marry me instead? "

"Don't you know? Uncle Carlos married you because of his grandpa. He is nice to you just because his grandpa asked him to. He has to. You think he loves you? Haha! That's hilarious. Uncle Carlos loves his grandpa very much. Everything he did for you is just to make his grandpa feel better so that he could wake up earlier. "

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