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   Chapter 199 I Know My Woman Well

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Pride was written all over Debbie's face. Not until now did she realize that Carlos had given a lot to her, and she felt so grateful.

With knitted eyebrows, Carlos stared at his grandmother and said angrily, "Debbie may be a bad student, Grandma, but she's better than that. Quit trying to frame her."

Valerie scowled at him and snapped back, "I'm not lying! Before she came here, we never lost anything. She must be the thief! Besides, she always tries to bully Megan. If I hadn't been with Megan, this woman would've probably beaten her. She eats too much. She's lazy, and doesn't respect her elders. She doesn't wake up until noon. What's worse, she even cheated on you. Carlos, I won't accept this woman as my granddaughter-in-law."

Debbie was shocked at Valerie's words—she never imagined she thought so low of her. Bitterness flooded her at this moment.

She had done so much housework to please Valerie, but she thanked her by calling her a thief.

'I don't give a rat's ass what they think of me. But I do care about... Carlos' opinion. Does he think of me like that too?' she thought to herself.

She didn't dare to look Carlos in the eye, as she was afraid that she would see disappointment glinting there.

Carlos leaned against the couch, his face deadpan. When he heard Valerie's accusations against his wife, he held Debbie's hand and began to play with it.

Debbie was left speechless. 'What's he doing? I thought we weren't on speaking terms. Is he trying to defend me?

Or is he only doing this to save face?'

Just when Debbie was lost in her own thoughts, Carlos spoke in a cold voice. "I don't know why you think of her that way, Grandma. But she's a good girl. You just won't give her a chance. You said she had bullied Megan. If she really wanted to do that, she would have beaten her up whether you were there or not. See any bruises? No. So you just overreacted."

Valerie's face turned livid. Ignoring her, Carlos continued after a short pause, "You said she didn't respect h

n her stomach on the bed, looking at Carlos with pitiful eyes. After he hung up the phone, she asked in a low voice, "Carlos, do you really believe I didn't do it?"

Carlos undid his tie and cast a sidelong glance at her. "I know my woman well," he said shortly.

Debbie was so touched that she stood up and jumped at Carlos. He caught her and held her tight. She kissed him repeatedly on both his cheeks. "I love you so much, honey."

His heart softened, but he managed to maintain a poker face. "Don't try to fool me. I will always remember what you did behind my back."

'Why does he sound like I cheated on him?' Debbie cursed in her mind.

"What a petty man!" she grumbled, pouting her lips.

"Petty?" he repeated.

"No, no, no! You misheard me. You're so handsome that I— Aargh! Don't bite me. I was wrong. My husband is the most wonderful man in the world!"

Deep inside, she began to curse, 'Carlos Huo! I swear I'll make you stand barefoot on a porcupine.'

In the Gu family's house of Y City

Portia was on a phone call on the balcony of the living room, taking in the snow-covered landscape.

"Tell me why all my activities have been cancelled! It took me a long time to set them up. And now, you're telling me that all of them have been cancelled! What on earth is going on?" she shouted angrily into the phone.

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