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   Chapter 184 You Like My Wife

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Updated: 2019-06-08 07:01

"I don't care where you are," Carlos answered nonchalantly.

Emmett's heart broke. "You should care. I'm your assistant, and I've worked for you for so many years," he retorted.

Carlos lit a cigarette, took a drag on it and blew it out. "I heard you've been at the cafe near the office the last couple days."

Covering his chest, Emmett said excitedly, "Boss, it's the first day of the Lunar New Year, yet you expect me to work. There's a reason I'm at this cafe. This is my 36th blind date, and she'll be here in ten minutes."

It was already late at night, but he couldn't even go back home.

"That can mean only one thing," Carlos said.

"What?" Emmett asked while working on his laptop.

"Your taste in women has improved after you started working for me."

"Isn't that a good thing I have better taste? As for my future wife, I hope she's at least half as pretty as Mrs. Huo, and at least half as cheerful. She doesn't need to know anything about martial arts. I hope she can learn yoga and Mrs. Huo..."

Carlos knitted his brows as he felt like Emmett had some special feelings towards his wife. "You like my wife, huh?" he pried.

Emmett was too focused on deleting negative comments under Megan's posts on Weibo to figure out what his boss was getting at. "Of course. She's a classy lady. She's so special, the one and only. You are so lucky, dude," he said casually.

"Emmett Zhong." Carlos' voice was as cold as ice.

A shiver ran down Emmett's spine. He raised his head to look at the central heating, which was still working. "Boss, I'm deleting the comments on Miss Lan's Weibo. These kids are so mean..."

'Why am I cold? That's weird, ' he thought.

"After the Lantern Festival, I'm reassigning you to L City's branch in D Country. Gay marriage is legal in D Country, and you can find a husband there. I'll ask the manager there to introduce you to some excellent men. I remember you seem to like... muscular men like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Don't worry. You'll find the perfect husband there," said Carlos.

Emmett was stunned into si

ore careful.

After a moment's consideration, Emmett said, "Let me take a picture. Then I'll put in a good word for you to Mr. Huo. That way you're in the clear, and he won't pursue charges of slander. Deal?"

Kasie was enraged. "I didn't slander her! Yes, I posted the comment. But what I said is the truth. Watch your tongue."

"Okay, okay. My fault. Miss Zheng, the problem is not whether you slandered her. The problem is cyber-bullying. Megan is distraught, and Mr. Huo is very angry. He might have me come after you. You get it?" If Kasie weren't Debbie's friend, Carlos would have already asked Emmett to get rid of her.

But the problem was that Kasie was one of Debbie's best friends, and Carlos did what his wife wanted. Emmett had no idea whether his boss would punish Kasie or not.

He just wanted to frighten Kasie using Carlos.

After some hesitation, Kasie argued, "I don't care. Debbie will help me."

"Mrs. Huo? She's sleeping off jet lag. When she wakes up, you could be dead."

His words did make sense. Kasie had called Debbie countless times, but her phone had been switched off.

She pried, "Will you put in a good word for me?" Little did she know that Emmett was unable even to fend for himself.

"Of course!" Emmett promised without hesitation.

"Great. Okay. You can take a picture of me. By the way, why do you want my pic?" she asked in confusion.

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