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   Chapter 175 A Young And Beautiful Businesswoman

Take My Breath Away By Ophelia Characters: 7983

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After Hayden, several key guests made their speeches as well, including Olga. It was not until then that Debbie knew Olga was the general manager of her family business despite her young age. Besides, her short resume as presented read like someone who was already carving out a name for herself in business.

As Debbie followed the proceedings, her heart beat faster, her mind pondering on what she was going to say on the podium. Before long, it was her turn. "The last person I'm going to introduce is Miss Debbie Nian, the legal representative and largest shareholder of Orchid Private Club, legal representative of Angel's Love Foundation, and the CEO of Decar Cosmetics. Let's welcome Miss Debbie Nian."

To calm her nerves down, Debbie took a deep breath and let go of Sasha's hand, who

at kind of girl you are. You never stirred up trouble. She must have offended you." When Debbie was still with Hayden, she had been really nice to Portia. But neither Hayden nor Portia had treasured Debbie back then.

Debbie cast a meaningful glance at him. 'Since when has he trusted me so much?' But she had to repeat what she had said before. "I'm sorry, but it's too late."

Adamantly, he said, "I don't care. I will wait for you."

Remembering what Blanche had told her, Debbie was a little angry at Hayden's words. "I will never go back to you. Your fiancee is a poor girl. Does she know her fiance loves someone else?" she taunted.

Hayden was excited at her words, thinking she was jealous. "Do you mind that? Deb, trust me. I won't get engaged to her. Really! I only love you."

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