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   Chapter 168 Beatings

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Lewis had been beaten by Debbie and cussed out by Portia. He was a proud man, and couldn't stand it anymore. He pointed at Portia and cursed loudly, "Debbie's right. You're just like your mother—a total bitch! Get the hell out of my way!"

Everyone was so shocked they couldn't say a word.

Debbie was not interested in the drama. She approached Portia, grabbed her long hair and cut a large hunk of it off with the scissors.

Portia's hair fluttered to the ground along with her screams.

"Aaaaaargh! Lewis Huo, you puss-pop! Call your cousin!" Portia yelled at him.

Lewis was fumed with rage when she called him that. He pointed at Debbie and demanded, "Have her arrested! Now! Otherwise, you're all fired!"

The bodyguards urged Ralph to action. "Boss, we need to do something. Mr. Lewis Huo is Mr. Huo's cousin. If we get hurt, it's won't be a big deal. But I'm sure Mr. Huo will be pissed if Mr. Lewis Huo gets hurt."

"He's right. You can just tell Mr. Zhong that Mr. Lewis Huo forced us to arrest her."

'They make a lot of sense, ' Ralph thought. He didn't need much time, and something needed to be done here, before Lewis got hurt even more. This had gone too far. He nodded and gestured to his men. "Do as Mr. Lewis Huo says. Arrest Debbie Nian."

The bodyguards swarmed around Debbie. Meanwhile, Ralph took out his phone and called Emmett.

Debbie was busy cutting Portia's hair. When the bodyguards approached, Kasie stood in front of Debbie, arms out, intended to shield her from harm. "What are you going to do? Just go away!" shouted Kasie.

Debbie waved the scissors in the air and declared nonchalantly, "Go ahead if you don't mind losing your dicks."

The bodyguards didn't believe Debbie could fight. Not this girl, not any woman, really. Two men dragged Kasie away, and the rest advanced on Debbie.

Debbie kicked a man in the gut, and he staggered backwards.

There were too many of them, so Debbie had to let go of Portia. The girl almost passed out.

No sooner had Ralph told Emmett what had happened than the s

, it's for you!" Carlos heard Debbie's voice coming from the other end.

'Mr. Jerk?' Carlos chuckled. 'Well, she's not wrong.'

Confused, Lewis took over the phone. "Me? Who is this?"

He saw the caller ID—Mr. Huo—and wondered, 'Another Huo. Do I know him?' He asked casually, "Hello, who is this?"

"Me." The simple word scared Lewis to death—he recognized Carlos' voice.

He eyed Debbie up and down, wondering who she was to Carlos. "Hey, Carlos, what's up?"

Lewis' words caught Portia's attention. 'Did Carlos Huo call Debbie?'

She looked back and forth between Debbie and Lewis and thought to herself, 'Why did Mr. Huo call Debbie? How are they related?'

After Carlos said something, Lewis nodded immediately. "Okay. I get it. I'll be there soon."

After hanging up, Lewis fixed his gaze on Debbie. After a long time, he decided to take her with him to meet Carlos. "Let's get going." He grabbed her wrist.

Debbie shook off his hand in disgust and snapped, "Where? Why should I go with you?"

"I'm heading to my cousin's office. This is your fault. And you need to tell him." Lewis didn't know why he had to take Debbie with him, but he had a gut feeling that he would be much safer if he took Debbie to meet his cousin.

Ralph, who had just sent two patrolmen away, approached them and offered, "Mr. Lewis Huo, Miss Nian, I'll get the car."

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