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   Chapter 166 Carlos' Cousin

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The woman in the black overcoat was none other than Kasie.

Lewis was there, grabbing Kasie's arm. Portia was standing nearby with a man and a woman.

Debbie's gut feeling told her that something bad happened to Kasie. She turned to Carlos and said anxiously, "I have to get out there. Go on ahead, Carlos. You need to get to work." She was about to open the car door, but he stopped her.

"What's going on? Why the rush?" Carlos asked in confusion.

"I think Kasie's in trouble. I need to check on her." Anxiety was written all over her face.

"Location," he said shortly.

"What location?"

"Kasie's location."

"Oh, she's at the entrance of Alioth Building."

"Call me if you need help," Carlos nodded.

"Sure. Come home early after work."

After Debbie got out of the car, the traffic light changed to green. Carlos started the Emperor's engine.

"Call Ralph Lu," demanded Carlos.

Ralph Lu was one of Carlos' subordinates, the general manager in charge of Alioth Building.

"Yes, Mr. Huo," answered Emmett.

At the entrance of Alioth Building

Kasie was nursing a red mark on her face. She had just been slapped across the face and was about to slap back when Lewis grabbed her wrist. "Enough! Are you done? We've been broken up for awhile," he thundered.

A devastated Kasie smacked a gift box against Lewis and yelled, "When did we break up? You cheater! I've spent all day picking out this gift to celebrate your promotion. And this is how you repay me?!"

Ignoring her questions, Lewis adjusted his clothes and complained, "Quit making a fool of yourself. Leave! Now!"

"Kasie!" a woman's voice chimed in.

They turned to look who it was. A woman in a grey overcoat was walking toward them at a hurried pace. Her eyes swept over them as she asked, "What's going on?"

Kasie sobered up at the sight of her. "Tomboy, why are you here?"

Lewis' eyes lit up. "Hey, beautiful! We meet again."

Paying no attention to him, Debbie approached Kasie and grabbed her hands, only to see her swollen cheek. "Just passing by. What's wrong with your face? Who hit you?"

With arms akimbo, the woman standing next to Portia said coldly, "She's a ho, and she deserved it."

Debbie looked Portia in the eye and asked, emotionless, "Did you hit he

s, but she didn't want to cause trouble. After all, he was Carlos' cousin. If Debbie beat Lewis to a pulp like she wanted, Carlos might get angry, and it would end up in a big row.

Debbie tapped Kasie's forehead and snapped, "Are you kidding me? Since when did you become a doormat? When Hayden dumped me, you wanted to beat the shit out of him for me."

Hayden had broken up with Debbie years ago. Back then, Kasie and Jared had assembled a group of people to teach him a hard lesson.

But Debbie had stopped them.

Now, Kasie was deeply aware of Debbie's feelings back then. She released Debbie's hand and dropped into a fighting stance. "All right. He has this coming."

With a satisfied smile, Debbie took her coat back and threw it at Ralph Lu. "Watch and learn, guys. This is how you deal with an asshole!"

With Debbie's coat in his hands, Ralph Lu was at a loss for words. 'I'm not your slave!' he cursed inwardly.

He was about to throw the coat back at Debbie when Kasie warned him, "You better take good care of the coat. It's a prototype for a clothing line produced by ZL Group. You damage it, you pay for it."

The latest prototype of ZL Group?

Not until then did Debbie realize why Carlos had her wear that coat to the dinner party. No wonder everyone there talked about clothes all the time. Debbie clenched her fists.

'Carlos Huo! You used me as your model!'

Not knowing whether Kasie was lying, Ralph Lu told one of the bodyguards, "Find out if the woman is telling the truth."

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