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   Chapter 149 On The Road

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7684

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It occurred to Debbie that she had said goodbye to everyone but him. "Just a minute," she muttered quietly to the man inside the car. Before Carlos could protest or ask what was going on, she had shut the car door and was walking towards the young man, who was breathless from all the running.

"Debbie, are you leaving?" he looked at her sadly. From the way he was sulking and the way he looked at her, affection was visible clear as daylight.

"Yes," Debbie replied with a nod. "My... My family has come to pick me up. It was nice meeting you. Keep in touch." Debbie didn't want to break his heart like that and corrected herself.

The young man took out a sachet from his pocket and handed it to her. "I made something for you. It's a silver accessory. I want you to keep it as a souvenir."

Debbie looked at the sachet in surprise. It was meaningful, she knew that. Reflexively, she tried to decline it. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart. But it's a very big gesture and I can't take it."

"It may be worth little, but I will be glad if you take it. It would mean a lot to me."

Debbie didn't know what to say. She was saved by Emmett who walked towards her at this point. "Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo is waiting. It's time to go," he reminded her with a smile.

'Mrs. Huo?' The young man was surprised and confused. He knew what that form of address meant. "Are you married?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yes, I am," she admitted shortly. "Thank you for taking such great care of me these days. My husband is waiting. I have to go."

The young man watched the woman he had fallen for get in the car, heartbroken.

The fancy cars drove away one after another. From the rearview mirror, Debbie could see him standing there alone. She felt sad to see him so heartbroken.

She had only stayed in the village for a couple of days, but the villagers had been so nice to her, and the village head's family deserved a special mention. It was unfair that the young man had to face such heartbreak even after being so nice to her.

"Feeling sad?" a cold voice asked, breaking into her thoughts.

"Yes," she admitted succinctly. Humans were sensitive. It was normal to feel sad on occasions like this.

"Do you want to stay and be the village head's daughter-in-law?"

Carlos asked col

s?' they wondered.

Carlos had always told Debbie that they would keep a low-key profile, but anywhere Carlos went, it was never low-key.

Right now only, five men had greeted them by the car alone. And another ten were standing in two lines in front of the door.

Debbie was glad that she had covered her face with her hat and scarf, even though Carlos was against it. She didn't want to expose her face. Anyone could have snapped a picture and posted it online. Then the whole world would know.

Two managers led the way to their Presidential Suite. In the elevator, Carlos was still holding her tightly.

Since they were not alone, Debbie felt embarrassed to be intimate. She tried to pry his hand away, but Carlos wouldn't let her get his hand off her. With two hotel managers and Emmett beside them and two bodyguards behind them, Debbie tried her best to keep the interaction between them inconspicuous.

However, Emmett noticed it and gave her a knowing smile, making her blush a deep crimson behind the scarf.

Soon, the modern elevator reached its destination and the managers themselves opened their suite for them. The bodyguards stopped the managers and the waiters from going inside.

They themselves positioned on either side of the door. Once Carlos and Debbie had stepped inside their suite, Emmett closed the door and with a click, the self-locking door was closed. "Thank you, Mr. Yue. I think right now what Mr. Huo needs is some privacy. Are the other rooms all set?" he asked one of the managers.

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