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   Chapter 138 Clean My Shoes

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Many rich boys had had threesomes and foursomes before, but it was something that upper-class people talked about only behind closed doors.

Most people in the private booth were enraged by Jared's bluntness, especially Portia. Her face turned pale, and then livid. She pointed at Jared and yelled, "Jared Han, you're so shameless! Don't you dare think that we're as dirty as you are."

'How dare Jared insult Portia?!' The boy standing nearest to Jared fumed with rage. He grabbed Jared's collar with one hand and got ready to punch him in the face with the other. "Fuck you, Jared Han! You're really asking for it!"

Just as his fist was about to land on Jared's face, Kasie grabbed his arm and pulled it back. "Don't start a fight!"

Debbie staggered to the boy and patted him on his shoulder. "Hey, dude."

The boy turned to the drunk girl. Irritated by the smell of alcohol coming from her, he shouted, "Fuck off!"

Instead of getting angry, Debbie gave him a big sweet smile that caught him off guard.

The very next moment, she threw her fist toward his face. It was too late for the boy to dodge; he got a hard punch in the face.

"Ouch!" His hands flew up to hold his face in pain.

Debbie blew on her fist. It had been a long time since she had fought with anyone, so she was a little rusty now. Her hand was hurting so much that she wanted to cry.

Now that Debbie had started a fight, the room was in chaos. The boys gathered around Debbie and Jared in an attempt to avenge their dream girl, Portia.

Kasie didn't know how to fight, so Jared pushed her aside to protect her.

The room was in a mess.

Several of Portia's girlfriends ran toward Kasie, planning to teach her a lesson. Although Kasie didn't know how to fight like Debbie, she wasn't a doormat. She grabbed an empty bottle, smashed it onto the table, and pointed the broken half at the girls. The girls immediately stopped in their tracks in fear.

Some of the people in the room couldn't afford to offend either party, so they tried to stop the fight but to no avail.

One of the boys tried to catch Debbie off guard, but she gave him a spin kick, sending him flying backward. He rolled back a

en it with your own eyes. She has a close relationship with Jared Han and even dated another man while you were away."

Carlos put down the chopsticks, picked up a tissue to clean his mouth, and said with an emotionless face, "Megan, you've misunderstood her. She and Jared have been good friends for many years. Do not say such things ever again, okay? Go to bed early."

Then, he stood up from his seat, adjusted his suit, and walked toward the gates of the villa.

Megan jumped to her feet, trotted after him and held his waist as he changed his shoes. She pressed her cheek against his back and pleaded, "Uncle Carlos, please don't be angry at me. I just want you to be happy."

Carlos was not pleased with how she was acting. He shifted away from her and said in a cold voice, "I know what you meant to say, but you're overreacting. It's very late. You need to sleep now."

Sensing that he was in a bad mood, Megan took a step back and said obediently, "I'm glad you know that, Uncle Carlos. I'll go to bed now. Have a safe drive."

Megan knew how to manipulate Carlos' mood. As expected, his face softened at her words. He nodded and left the villa.

Inside his Emperor car, Carlos leaned back against his seat with his eyes shut.

Emmett, the driver, stole a glance at his boss and then, carefully choosing his words, said, "Mr. Huo, we have to attend the open tender in the nearby city tomorrow morning. When are we leaving for the city?"

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