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   Chapter 137 Let's Get Drunk

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7185

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Jared was stunned by Debbie's words. 'You drank this expensive wine like water?' "Tomboy, it's such a waste! If your husband found out, you'd break his heart. By the way, he's on that business trip, right? Let's get some of the hard stuff. I mean, did you see his liquor cabinet? Vodka, whiskey, brandy, Maotai...He has the best stuff. Tomboy, how about a bottle of limited-edition brandy? This isn't that expensive, I think," he said, grabbing a bottle and examining it.

Lured by the alcohol, he completely forgot about Carlos' warning.

'Limited-edition brandy?' Debbie blinked and wondered. 'This is all my husband's liquor. No big deal to drink a bottle or two. Besides, he's with Megan now...'

When Megan popped into her mind, Debbie slammed another glass of wine, snapped her fingers and told Jared, "Sure, why not? Besides, I'm not letting you leave. You haven't drunk enough."

Jared clapped his hands, cheerful at her assent. "Awesome!"

He took the bottle from the cabinet, removed the lid and poured her a glass, then himself. The smell of alcohol filled the room.

They clinked glasses and drank the brandy. They were feeling pretty good now, the two of them. The room was warm, the lights making the place somewhat indistinct, and their cares were largely forgotten. It was a good time, just these two friends, and in some ways just like old times.

After two glasses of brandy, Debbie's mind was a blank—no more Carlos, no more Megan. She felt great at that moment. And that was the whole point of this little rendezvous.

Jared was a heavy drinker. He was still playing on his phone—it was the latest version made by Carlos' company. After the upgrade, a whole world of games opened to him. And so he was busy downloading one while playing another.

They polished off the bottle of brandy and were about to find something else to drink when Jared's phone rang. He showed Debbie the caller ID and said, "It's Kasie."

With a red face, Debbie stammered, "W-Why is she...calling you now?"

"Not a clue. Maybe she's in trouble." Jared and Kasie were good friends, but he and Debbie had a better relationship. He'd known

ing tone, "You need to be more careful next time you want to make friends with someone. Look at you. You have a ho and a tomboy as friends. Good thing you guys are just friends. If you were dating one of them, you'd probably be tearing your hair out by now."

Everyone realized that she was calling Debbie "tomboy". They turned to look at Debbie and whispered to one another.

Debbie was still drunk and you could smell the alcohol on her.

Jared's face soured at Portia's words. The only person he couldn't afford to offend was Carlos Huo. As for people from the Gu family, he didn't give a damn about them. He pointed to Portia and snapped, "Who do you think you are? You don't even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as my friends. Come on, Kasie, let's go."

The boys around Kasie immediately blocked Jared's way.

Jared fumed with rage. "Get the hell out of my way!"

These boys were all young and rich. They didn't like what Jared said. One of them shouted, "Shut up! Did Portia say you could go?"

"Why do I need her permission?" Jared's eyes swept over the boys around Portia. "Why do you guys all bow down to her? What do you get out of it? It's not like you need the money...I've got it! You guys fucked her once, and now you're hoping she'll put out some more, right?"

It was quite normal for these rich boys to have threesomes. As for rich girls like Portia, only a few of them would agree to it.

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