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   Chapter 130 Ruined By A Glass Of Wine

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6674

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'Call Carlos Huo?' Olga was frightened. She and Carlos hadn't talked for a long time.

As if remembering something, Debbie acted surprised and asked Olga, "So you claim to be Carlos' woman and Carlos Huo even said he had a girlfriend to the press. Are you the girl he carried out of the hotel?"

Jared knew the truth, and buried his face in his cuff to avoid bursting out in laughter. 'Way to go, Tomboy! She's a lot different now. Much more confident, she takes pot shots and ducks for cover.'

Embarrassed, Olga bit her lower lip. She had no clue who that woman was. She really couldn't answer either way. When the news broke, she had looked into it. But Carlos was security-conscious, so no information was available on that mystery woman.

She had heard from Emmett that Carlos was married, so she wondered if that woman was the mysterious Mrs. Huo.

Determined to avoid the question, Olga growled brashly, "Listen to you! Prying into Carlos' personal affairs!"

Seated on the sofa, Jared cut in, "Miss Mi, I'm just curious. Was that you? Mr. Huo said that the woman in his arms was his woman and that's who you say you are. Did any of you hear Mr. Huo say this to anyone?"

Jared looked at the other girls with her. They looked at each other. Gradually it dawned on them. It turned out none of them had ever heard Carlos refer to Olga as his woman. It was only Olga who talked about her life with Carlos. No one else was circulating those rumors.

Debbie gave Jared an knowing look, as if to say, "Nice, dude!" Then she shifted her eyes to Olga and continued, "Using Carlos Huo's name to bully others. Does he know about this?"

"You!" Anger overtook Olga. She raised her hand to slap Debbie.

Debbie dodged, shifting position and using her arms as stability. But when Debbie's hand flew out, it stopped. Her tea didn't. Black liquid sloshed out of Debbie's cup and drenched Olga's face.

The tea wasn't hot. It just stained the victim's face—and her cream dress. Even DeeDee

was sweating bullets down there. He couldn't afford to offend any of these powerful families. "I'll compensate the ladies for any damages. Mr. Gu, Mr. Qin, Mr. Yan... please don't get angry," he said.

Lucinda helped Gail up and glared at her. She knew who was at fault without having to ask. "Thank you, Mr. Zhu. But there's no need for that. It's just a dress," she said politely.

Sebastian didn't understand how Debbie got into a fight all of a sudden with so many women at the same time. He and Lucinda had watched Debbie from the moment she had appeared at the party. Everything was fine a moment ago.

Then, a warm voice familiar to Debbie said, "Sorry about the mess, everyone. I'll pay whatever you need me to. I apologize on behalf of Deb."

Everyone turned around curiously. A man in a white suit stood there gracefully, holding a glass of red wine with one hand, the other in his pocket. It was Hayden, topic of the day.

His cropped hair had been cut into a flat-top. His almond-shaped eyes were thick with joy.

"Hayden, ' called his mom, Blanche Liu. She looked at her son in disbelief.

After casting a silent look at his parents and his sister, Hayden walked towards Debbie and stood in front of her with a doting smile. But his eyes said it all. Complicated emotions lay hidden inside those gems.

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