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   Chapter 129 Call Mr. Huo

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"You two seemed fine. What went wrong?" Debbie probed.

"Fine? I don't even like her. She seduced me while I was drunk and continually pestered me to take responsibility after we slept together. Otherwise, I wouldn't have even talked to her. Who does she think she is? I've slept with dozens of women. I don't even remember her," Jared said contemptuously before taking a sip of beer.

Debbie was surprised, even though she knew Jared was a playboy. She felt obliged to chime in. "Hey, dude. What you did was disgraceful. How could you sleep with someone and not take responsibility for it? She did nothing wrong to you."

Derisorily, Jared waved his hand. "These women are all after my money. It sucks! None of them loves me. They only freaking love my money! If they could marry my old man, they would leave me immediately."

Although Jared was not as handsome as Damon, he was still good-looking in his own way. He was so tall that when Debbie stood beside him, she looked like an elf.

In Y City, the Han Group was one of the leading enterprises. Although it was not as influential as the ZL Group, it was among the top five most successful enterprises. The Han family's assets were worth more than 100 million.

Therefore, it came as no surprise that many women were tempted by his wealth.

Listening to Jared's misery, Debbie felt grateful for Carlos' dour moods, which repulsed women who would have surrounded him like a swarm of bees, if he entertained them.

Gently, she patted Jared on the shoulder and comforted him, "Relax, buddy. You'll find a girl who truly loves you soon."

At that time, Debbie had no idea that that girl would appear very soon. Neither did she know that she was familiar with the girl. Jared didn't take her words seriously.

He knew she was just saying that to comfort him. But it worked, just fine.

For the next few minutes, they remained glued to their seats, chatting freely about everything. Until suddenly, a bunch of loud women descended on them. A gang of socialite divas in Y City, notorious for their knack for drama wherever they went.

In the meantime, Debbie, oblivious to their approach and enjoying her chitchat with Jared, jokingly rubbed her overstuffed stomach and didn't notice the commotion. The crowd was

d have kept as low a profile as possible. Girl, I'd be so embarrassed, I'd even commit suicide, just to make myself disappear. But I see, you have thick skin. Now here you are, with your shameless tarty dress, ready to snatch other women's boyfriends. Anyway, for sleeping around with my cousin's boyfriend, I promise, my crew and I will make you pay for your sins."

Jared was about to spring up angrily from his seat, but Debbie stopped him. She retorted with a smile, "Miss Mi, how can you be so forgetful? I lent it to you, remember?"

It took Olga a while to realize what she meant. "You bitch! You're going to pay for that!" she snarled.

Looking at Debbie indifferently, Portia chimed in, "Messing with Carlos Huo's woman is the last dumb thing you'd ever do."

'Carlos Huo's woman? What of it? Huh! I'm Carlos Huo's wife. Did I make a big deal about it?' Debbie sneered inwardly.

Debbie's and Olga's eyes met. Debbie provoked her further. "I would say the same even if Carlos Huo stood in front of me. Since you can't stop claiming that you are Carlos Huo's woman, why don't you call him and ask him to come and throw me out of town?"

'Damn you, Carlos Huo! You flirted with another woman and now I'm dealing with your trouble. You'll meet my anger when you come back, ' she swore to herself.

Debbie's arrogance completely enraged Olga, but someone made things worse for the latter by shouting, "Yes, Miss Mi. Call Mr. Huo and ask him to help you. Make this ignorant bitch disappear from Y City!"

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