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   Chapter 116 We’re Married

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Debbie turned in bed and rested her head on Carlos' arm, her cheek against his chest.

With the woman he loved sleeping in his arms, Carlos felt deep contentment at heart. What else could he wish for? Looking at her affectionately, he reminded her gently, "Honey, we have to get going. We can continue to sleep after we come back from the airport."

"Mmm..." she muttered, and buried her cheek deeper in his chest. "One more minute," she said.

"Honey, your mother-in-law's plane is about to land."

'Mother-in-law!' Now she totally woke up. Looking him straight in the eye, she could't help but smile at his handsome face. "It's great," she said.

"What's great?" asked Carlos.

Debbie locked her arms around his neck so that half of her body was on his. "This. Us. When I wake up and find you, my handsome, well-heeled husband by my side, it's the best feeling there could ever be. You complete my dreams."

"You'll get used to it, because you'll wake up in my arms every day."

"I want to, but it's impossible, since you're so busy. You have business trips from time to time. How am I going to wake up in your arms when you're not even at my side?" Once again, she snuggled closer and pressed her cheek against his chest.

The force of his heartbeat's throbbing made her feel so close to him. For the first time, since her father's death, she felt safe around a man.

Caressing her gently, he kissed her eyebrows. "If you like, I can take you with me wherever I go. You can go with me on my next business trip."

When his hand slid across her skin, she savored the slight ticklish feeling. "It would be quite an honor to go with you. I'd gladly follow you around like a shadow," she giggled.

"I'd like it even better if you and I became a part of each other," Carlos said.

Huh? The expression on his face looked familiar. "Get up. Time to pick up Mom," Debbie said abruptly, trying to divert his attention. But her bait didn't work. Instead, he grabbed her. "It's ticklish," she screamed between bouts of laughter.

Outside, the sun shone with an enchanting sparkle, especially after the previous day's dull, cloudy weather. From the willows around the stream, birds chirped pleasantly, jumping here and there among the boughs. It was a go

around? Is that even possible?'

But innocently Debbie protested, "No. I never..." She explained incoherently. She was clumsy at socializing. Carlos telling his mom on her threw her off guard.

"Well done, Debbie!" Tabitha remarked, to her surprise. "Somebody has to let him know that women can't be bullied. He used to belittle women all the time. That is about to change. Don't be easy on him if he does that again."

"Huh?" 'Is she kidding me?' Debbie wondered. 'But she doesn't seem to be joking. Usually moms are protective of their children. Why is she not?

Is Carlos adopted?'

Tabitha and Debbie had a good time chatting. The amiable chitchat left Debbie relieved.

When they arrived at the villa, Tabitha looked at the new structure and asked, "Carlos, don't you live in the manor?"

"No, but with time. I'm planning to move into there," said Carlos, pulling Debbie into his arms. Once the lab and music studio were built and the other rooms were decorated, he and Debbie would move in.

'Manor? What manor? Is it some place Carlos used to live in?' Debbie was curious, but she was cautious not to ask him about it. At least for now, in Tabitha's presence, that wouldn't be wise. So she put those questions behind her.

When they were about to walk in the house, a red Mercedes pulled to a halt near them. Glimpsing the license plate, Carlos stopped.

The driver's door opened and a girl in pink rolled out and threw herself at Carlos' mom. "Tabitha! I missed you so much," Megan said.

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