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   Chapter 114 Debbie's Brother

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Dixon tried to analyze Carlos' motives behind this. "I believe Mr. Huo was trying to avenge you. He must have seen you hit Jared and guessed that Jared had pissed you off. He asked the both of you to answer two different questions. The first question was extremely hard while the second one was rather simple. That way, he could find a reason to make Jared dance for you when he failed to answer where you succeeded. He just wanted to make you happy. Wow, what a caring husband Mr. Huo is!"

Debbie, Kasie and Kristina nodded at Dixon's analysis. Till now, his was the only one that made any sense.

Jared blew off the chalk on his hand and cast a burning glance at Debbie. "Did I kill your husband's grandpa? Why did he treat me like this?" he snapped furiously. "He not only asked Mr. Lu to keep an eye on me, but also asked me to dance for you and clean the blackboard! From now on, I am going to keep you at arm's length. I can't afford to bear his jealousy."

Debbie rolled her eyes and snapped back, "Come on, dude. You are not my lover. Why would he be jealous of you? Just dance for me, now!"

Jared banged the table, fuming with rage at the thought of dancing for Debbie. He shouted at the classroom door as if Carlos were still standing there. "Carlos Huo! I am going to remember this thing for the rest of my life. You know what they say? Revenge is a dish best served cold! You just wait and watch!"

Debbie wasn't too pleased to hear him shout a threat to her husband. "Jared Han, I've recorded what you just said. I think I'll send it to Carlos right now," she threatened.

The anger on Jared's face immediately disappeared. With a pitiful look, he pleaded, "Please don't do that, Tomboy! I'll dance for you right here, right now."

"Do it!"

A few students, who wanted to see Jared dance, stayed in the classroom, pretending to be studying. Jared, however, shooed all of them out.

He even wanted to drive Kasie, Kristina and Dixon out. However, Kasie held onto Debbie's left arm, and Kristina held onto her right. Dixon, who also wanted to watch Jared dance, cradled his girlfriend's neck. The three of them were determined to not leave the classroom.

Despite his unwillingness, Jared had no other choice but to start dancing.

To be honest, his street dance wasn't that bad and managed to impress everyone, except Debbie, who remained emotionless and even yawned.

Seeing an exhausted Jared, Kasie had an idea. "Jared, why don't you do Yangko dance*? I think that's going to be a lot funnier," she proposed with a giggle and even played a vide

t it a secret from Gail, for fear that Gail might destroy their relationship.

"So I'm right, huh? He is your husband!" With a proud smile, Gail continued, "No wonder you can afford skin care products worth two hundred thousand dollars. He's from an affluent family. Congratulations! You found a rich husband. Then what about you and Mr. Huo? What's your relationship?"

Gail was dying to know that. She didn't think Carlos could be Debbie's husband, because he had once asked his men to throw Debbie into the ocean.

Debbie was really annoyed and raised her voice saying, "Gail Mu, one more word and I am going to beat the shit out of you!"

Scared, Gail took several steps back. Plucking up some courage, she asked, "Are you afraid of people finding out that you've cheated on your husband? I guess Mr. Huo doesn't know you're a married woman, huh? What a bitch! You appear like an innocent girl, but actually you are a slut."

Despite the fury inside her, Debbie wouldn't lay a finger on Gail, as Gail was her aunt's daughter. She took a deep breath and walked past Gail. Gail, however, followed after her and coaxed, "If you tell me your relationship with Mr. Huo, I'll tell you where your brother is."

Gail's words successfully stopped Debbie.

Few people in Y City knew Debbie had a brother, who had been taken abroad since he had been a kid. Debbie only knew she had a brother, but didn't know where he was and why he had been taken away.

Before his death, Artie had told Debbie, "Now that you're Carlos' wife, I can rest assured. The only person I'm concerned about is your brother. Debbie, if there's a chance, please ask Carlos to help you find your brother. I am really worried about him..."

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