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   Chapter 111 Bad In Bed

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8968

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Entering the villa, Carlos noticed that the light in the kitchen was still on. He didn't pay much attention to it and, loosening his tie, walked towards the stairs.

"Old man!" A girl's voice rang out, coming from within the kitchen. So he changed his plans, and made for the kitchen.

Debbie came out before he could enter, a glass of warm milk in hand. She offered it, and he took it from her. "Drink it," she said.

As Carlos accepted the glass, Debbie smelt something on him. Was that...alcohol?

Instead of drinking the milk, he pulled her into his arms with his free hand and gave her a passionate kiss. "Why aren't you in bed? Naughty girl!" he blamed, half-jokingly.

Debbie frowned. She hadn't imagined it. And now the smell of booze was overpowering. She realized that Carlos must have had more than a little wine this evening.

"You went out drinking?" She raised her head to look at him.

"Yeah. We landed a major account, so we drank a little to celebrate." A little? That couldn't be a little! Debbie pouted her lips and thought, 'So you won't let me drink, and now you come home drunk. This is so bogus!'

After draining it in a single gulp, Carlos put the empty glass on the table beside him, scooped Debbie in his arms, and carried her up the stairs.

"Wait, wait! I haven't even turned off the lights yet." Debbie pointed to the kitchen.

Without stopping, Carlos said, "Julie will handle it."

He had scarcely finished his sentence when Debbie saw Julie come out of the gloom and enter the kitchen carrying the empty glass.

Entering the bedroom, Carlos laid her carefully on the bed and leaned down close to her. He kissed her ear, her cheek, her mouth, her neck, all the way down her body. She normally enjoyed this, but the stench was beginning to make her nauseous. "Honey, you smell so good," he murmured.

'I know I smell good. You gave me your company's latest bath and body line, ' she thought. Unable to bear the strong reek of alcohol anymore, Debbie cupped his face and feigned anger by saying, "Get away from me—your breath stinks! Go take a bath!"

"Yes, my lady!" It was exaggerated, or perhaps exacerbated by his drunken state. In any case, he snapped to, and did as she bade him. He gave her a passionate kiss before getting up from the bed.

He pulled her up and demanded, "Take off my tie!"

"Hmph! Don't you know how to untie your tie?" Debbie had never done it before and began to study his tie. Taking in the over and under nature of the knot, figuring out where she'd start.

"No, I don't." He lied.

Much to his surprise, Debbie was instantly mad at his answer. She grabbed him by his tie and asked through gri

knew he was wrong. If Debbie had actually gone to the club last night, she would have called him so they could go together.

Debbie blushed when she realized why her voice was so rough. She shook her head and cleared her throat before saying, "No, I wasn't at the club. And I'm feeling okay. I just woke up. What's up?"

She rolled over and then... 'Ouch! That hurts! Damn it, Carlos!'

"You just woke up? Look what time it is. It's almost 12! You weren't in class this morning. What would your dear husband say?" Jared asked.

Speaking of Carlos, Jared couldn't help complaining inwardly. 'He's Debbie's husband, and he should keep an eye on her. But he's even had me followed since he found us in the same hotel room together! What a jerk!'

This was true. If Jared made the slightest mistake at school, Carlos had standing orders for Curtis to drag him to the CEO's office of ZL Group so Carlos could get on his case.

Jared was too scared to skip classes anymore, and he'd even get there ahead of time. His parents even wanted to thank Carlos for having made him into a good student.

But he didn't expect Debbie to be bold enough to skip classes. He'd sent her messages on WeChat, but got no reply. So he called her on his lunch break, only to find that she was still sleeping...

Debbie was left speechless. She knew very well why she wasn't in class, but to admit it... Yes, she knew, but was it right for her to tell him that? She turned it over in her mind a few times, trying to figure it out. 'How do I tell him the real reason I wasn't in class? And do I really want to? This is all Carlos' fault, the jerk! He tortured me all night just because I said he was bad in bed.' And she cried inside. She was weary, sore, and suffering for a terrible choice of words.

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