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   Chapter 108 Our Mom

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"Er... what do you want to say to her?" Debbie got tense when Carlos said he wanted to speak to Kasie. 'What in the world does he want to say to her?'

Carlos laughed, "Relax, honey. I'm just trying to help. Don't worry. I won't tell her how great last night was."

Debbie blushed and explained hurriedly, "No, no. That's not what I mean. Why do you want to speak to her? Never mind. I'll put her on the phone right now."

Then she handed the phone to Kasie. It was only then that her friend realized that Carlos wasn't joking earlier. Kasie stared at the phone, scared, as if it would bite her. Gnawing her index finger, she asked, "Mr. Huo...Mr. Huo wants to talk to me? For real?"

Debbie blinked with a nod. "Yeah, for real."

Kasie immediately put her phone down and before taking Debbie's, she wiped her hand on her clothes, as if afraid that the phone would be stained. "Hi, Mr. Huo," she greeted him respectfully.

Watching her friend's dramatic reaction, Debbie was rendered speechless.

Carlos said something over the phone and Kasie explained nervously, "No, Mr. Huo, I was just joking. It really didn't mean anything. Please don't take it seriously. I've barely spent a dime of the card you gave me last time. Debbie and I were really just fooling around a moment ago."

Hoping to convince Carlos, Kasie used the word "really" repeatedly, stressing it every time she said it.

Then she paused as Carlos responded to her explanation. Debbie couldn't hear what he said easily. This time, Kasie nodded resignedly, "Okay then. Thank you, Mr. Huo."

Kasie put him on hold and handed the phone back to Debbie. Debbie took it off hold. "What did you say to her, old man?" she asked.

"Nothing. My secretary will pick you up at noon. We're having lunch together."

Although puzzled, Debbie agreed.

Once the phone call ended, Kasie remarked anxiously, "Your husband is way more serious than you are."

"What do you mean?" Debbie wondered.

Then Kasie told her what Carlos had said on the phone. Finally, Debbie would get to the bottom of this.

"He said it wasn't just a joke. You and I had made a pact. Since you lost the bet, he knew you would feel bad if you went back on your word. So he asked his secretary to dump more money into my card for the fifth floor of Alioth Building. It's enough to eat there for a month," Kasie stated.

Words failed Debbie when she heard that.


t or something, I don't know. It just does this on its own."

The goofy smile on her face brightened his heart like the sun.

And just like that, his anger disappeared.

He took her hand in his, and brought it to his lips. He kissed it tenderly, lovingly. "Sweet pie, don't do that again. You have money. If you want to buy me something, just use the card, okay?"

"Fine. But Mr. Handsome, I'm 21 now. I can make my own money, can't I?" she asked defensively. When he kissed her fingers, it tickled. She couldn't help giggling. Her eyes narrowed into thin lines.

"I'm not saying you can't work. It's just that you're still in school. You should be studying, not working. If you study hard and pay attention, you'll be awesome at whatever you decide to do." Although she was a wonderful woman in Carlos' eyes, she'd have to deal with all kinds of people. If she focused in college, she'd have a better handle on that, and know better what to do. He wanted her ready for all kinds of situations.

Debbie nodded. She knew he was right. Besides, a lot of her classmates had told her that she changed into a better and more graceful woman. She was happier, more confident, and more respectful.

She knew Carlos did that for her and she appreciated it.

After all, what kind of girl in their right mind wouldn't want to better themselves? She had hoped to become her best self too before she met Carlos, but she had never really tried. She didn't have much money, and she had no idea how to make her dreams come true. Not to mention she lacked self-discipline. Carlos was everything she wanted in a man.

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