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   Chapter 105 Getting Laid

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 9342

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Carlos' lips curled meaningfully the moment he saw his woman. He entered the room and shut the door behind him.

Only then did he realize that Debbie was wearing a seductive nightgown. Apparently, she had just taken a bath and now, had draped the most comfortable, as well as the most revealing gown she could find.

He would have to be the dumbest man in the entire world to not get her point even after this move.

Her charming nose, appealing cheek bones, her flaming lips—this girl could make his brain go totally blank within an instant. Without further ado, he pulled her in his arms, lowered his head and kissed her on her red, soft lips.

Debbie stood on tiptoe, kissing him back passionately.

Without opening her eyes, she dug through his pocket to look for his phone. She found it easily and, waving it before his eyes, switched it off.

She loved him so much that she couldn't wait any longer to give herself to him now. And more importantly, she didn't want Megan to destroy their romantic night. Somehow, she got the feeling that Megan would have.

Carlos took the phone from her hand and with total disregard, threw it away as he picked her up and carried her to the bed.

The ambience was just right for their affair. The bedroom was dimly lit and a faint fragrance of rose permeated the air.

Carlos carefully laid Debbie onto the kind-sized round bed and pressed himself against her. Her body was shaking like a leaf out of nervousness and excitement. In a hoarse voice, he whispered in her ear, "Deb, I will never let you go in my life."

And then he lowered his head again to kiss her.

Debbie was already in a trance due to the passionate kiss he had planted before. Suddenly, something dawned on her.

She covered his lips with her right hand, and used her left hand to take something out from under the pillow—something square; it was a velvet box, evidently expensive.

She opened the box and the thing inside it made Carlos' face sour.

"Carlos Huo, this ring will forever be a witness of my love for you. From today on, you are to be my man and mine only!"

Debbie had worked hard in the bar the past few months with the sole intention of buying this ring for Carlos.

She believed that it would make the ring even more special when she bought it with the money she had earned by herself.

Carlos was sulking because she had beaten him in the race to buy a ring first. Ignoring his long face, she slid the ring softly on his finger. It fit him well.

Debbie was quite proud of the fact that the ring she had chosen was of the right size. Before going to buy the ring, she had waited for him to fall asleep, and measured his size with a string. 'I believe many women will give up on him when they see his ring, ' she thought to herself, pleas


Opening the WeChat app, she saw several friends' messages.

Colleen had written a rather cryptic but meaningful message. "Well done, Debbie!"

Jared had sent her dozens of messages, and the first one was, "Bro, you have to be cool. The news must be fake!"

Kasie was trying to comfort her for some reason. "Debbie, where are you? Let me stay with you together. Don't take such small things to heart."

Dixon told her, "You should talk with Mr. Huo. Whatever the results are, we are always there for you!" Debbie was confused. 'What is going on?'

Right then, a Weibo push drew her attention, which said, "Carlos Huo, president of ZL Group, stayed overnight in a five-star hotel. According to an insider, there was a mystery woman waiting in the room which Mr. Huo entered..."

She opened the Weibo app, but it didn't respond. What was going on? Her phone was working just fine!

She then clicked the Trending Hashtags and saw Carlos' name which was first in the queue.

Most of the news was the same. "Carlos Huo spent a night with a university girl in a hotel room?!" And there was a photo of him entering the hotel gates.

So, the news that Carlos had stayed overnight with a girl in a hotel room was so widespread that it had brought the Weibo server to its knees...

That was not the point! The point was that Carlos had been photographed last evening when he had entered the hotel.

While Debbie was pondering hard on this, the man that people were talking about came up before her and asked, "Are you done?"

"Carlos Huo... did you really hold a press conference?" she asked. She remembered that she had once made a joke with him that they should find a feng shui master to choose an auspicious day to get laid. And he had replied that he would hold a press conference and tell everyone that he was going to sleep with his wife.

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