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   Chapter 104 Waiting For You

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Emmett watched Debbie's figure recede from view. He needed to get back in the car again and tell his boss what happened. Carlos, sitting in the back seat, didn't respond. It was what he had expected, though. He knew Debbie wasn't willing to let others know about their relationship. Every time they were in the midst of a crowd, she would act as if they were strangers.

Carlos had been away on official business for the last two months, and this was his first class after he'd come back. The classroom was fully stocked with his admirers. Debbie, sitting in the last row, gave her full attention to the man on the podium, her husband.

People all believed that Carlos was cold and detached, but Debbie knew that was not the case. It was a ruse that he adopted, to keep people at arm's length, to add to his mystique. Debbie had seen different sides of him—an angry Carlos, a gentle Carlos, an upset Carlos... Just like ordinary people, he had the full range of emotions. He could be cold and distant, yes, but also loving and warm.

He was just used to concealing his true feelings in front of strangers.

He was 28 years old now, yet he was a successful businessman. He was confident, strong and powerful—better than 99 percent men in the world.

Debbie couldn't help but wonder whether he was the favorite creature of God and he was born to be the winner. She felt so lucky she was his wife. She was lost in her own thoughts when the man's voice brought her back to her senses.

"Debbie Nian, please stand up and tell us what you've learned so far."

His voice was so cold that she immediately stood without any hesitation. She winked at Dixon, who was sitting next to her.

Lowering his head, Dixon whispered to her, trying to catch her up, "Mr. Huo has taught us AIP—automatic investment plan, and risk prediction..."

With a cunning smile, Debbie cleared her throat and repeated, "Mr. Huo, you've taught us AIP and risk prediction..." While she recited the litany that Dixon was helping her with, Carlos left the the podium and walked towards her.

The girls fixed their eyes upon him, looking excited. They even began whispering, "He's coming this way!" Some of them even took out their phones and took photos of his back or selfies with Carlos in the background. There was giggling and more whispering as they checked out their handiness with a camera.

When Carlos at last stood beside Debbie, Dixon shut his mouth and pretended that he was reading his book. He wasn't dumb enough to get caught.

bang me. Now!"

Carlos, on the other hand, was making for the underground car park. The moment he saw the message, his eyes darkened. Before he could reply to it, he got another message. "Now or never!"

Clearly, the girl was trying to play him.

After some hesitation, he told Emmett, "Drive me to Caspian Hotel."

Emmett wanted to remind him that it was time to go to the party, but on second thought, he decided against it. "Yes, Mr. Huo." He slid into the driver's seat and the two roared off to the hotel.

When Carlos' car stopped in front of the Caspian Hotel, he felt something was not right.

Some paparazzi must have been hiding somewhere around the hotel.

Pretending to ignore them, he got out of the car and entered the hotel lobby. Upon seeing Carlos, the lobby manager immediately trotted towards him and greeted, "Good evening, Mr. Huo."

Carlos nodded in return, and strode toward the lift without further ado.

The manager decided to see if he could help, as he could tell that Carlos was in a hurry. Besides, he was curious what his business was.

"Mr. Huo, which room are you going to?" asked the manager, who was about to press the button for Carlos.

"1208," Carlos answered shortly.

"Mr. Huo, here comes the lift. Let me show you the way."

"I'm good." Carlos entered the lift and pressed the button to close the doors, leaving the manager behind.

When the doorbell rang, Debbie was so nervous that she was too weak to stand.

She took a few deep breaths before she opened the door.

It was him—Carlos Huo—standing at the door!

Her nervousness disappeared at the sight of him. She threw herself into his arms. "Honey!"

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