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   Chapter 95 What Are You Trying To Buy

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"Wait. Just drop me here at the roadside," Debbie said. She didn't want to see Megan, nor did she intend to stop Carlos going.

Carlos looked at her and sensed the change of her mood, but he didn't know what she was unhappy about. "Honey, if those men take Megan, she will be in danger," he explained patiently.

But Debbie didn't respond.

When they arrived at the gate of Megan's housing community, the girl was cringing in a chair in the security guards' room, holding her legs.

"Megan!" Carlos called.

At his voice, Megan raised her head, ran towards him, and held him tightly. "Uncle Carlos, I'm so glad you're here. I was scared out of my wits."

"Don't be afraid. I'm here,"

Carlos comforted her gently. Seeing her husband holding another woman was bad enough, but his soft, warm consoling tone made Debbie feel even worse.

Some people used to say that her husband had a ruthless, cold soul.

But not to everybody, it seemed.

Gently he picked Megan up and carried her towards the car. "Open the door," he ordered the security guards.

"Yes, Mr. Huo," answered the guards in unison as one of them darted to open the back door quickly.

Then he turned to Debbie who had quietly stood by, watching. Thank God, he hadn't forgotten about her yet. "Deb, get in, please."

Debbie didn't want to get in the car.

Thankfully, as she was wondering what to do, her phone rang.

"Hi Tomboy, I'm calling just to ask where you bought the red wine last time," said Kasie.

"What? You're drunk? Where're you? Okay, I'm coming to pick you up," Debbie said on the phone.

Kasie was confused. She took her phone away from her ear and checked the service, which was good. "No, Tomboy, I am asking—"

"Oh, you are at home. Okay, stay put and wait for me. I'm on my way."

Before Kasie could respond, Debbie hung up. She looked at Carlos who was waiting for her to get in the car and said apologetically, "Sorry, Kasie is drunk at home. She is in a really bad mood right now. I have to go check on her. I'll stay at her place tonight."

Staring at her, Carlos didn't say anything back.

Megan, who was in his arms, clutched his shirt and said, "Debbie, go ahead if you have something to attend to. I'm already feeling much better and I don't see the need to hold you around. I'll watch over Uncle Carlos for you, just in case you're worried about him."

Debbie was startled at the girl's nerve. 'This manipulative bitch!'

wards the stage.

"Ever-glow," "I Do," "No Promises," "Against All Odds," "Better In Time," "Wings," ... She went through the requests with breathtaking finesse, ending each performance to a wild round of applause.

She had colluded with Kasie and devised their lies before she came to the bar. In case Carlos called Kasie, she would throw him off the scent. When Kasie ended the call, Debbie forthwith switched her phone off and immersed herself in the music.

From 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., the tips went higher and higher. Despite the high price, Debbie's charming persona on stage worked to her advantage. The number of men trying to woo her by requesting songs seemed endless. And she just kept going for hours, until Jared, noticing she was drained came to drag her off the stage.

That night she had made a killing.

In self congratulation, she kissed the bucks with a satisfied smile. "It's unbelievable racking up so much on a single night out," she said to Jared who was watching her, equally blown away.

When they were alone, Jared couldn't help asking, "What exactly are you trying to buy? I've never seen you bust your ass like this."

Debbie cleared her throat and said, "I'll tell you later, but not now."

Jared rolled his eyes and snarled, "Friendship over."

Debbie patted his shoulder and comforted him, "Relax. Once I've made enough money, I'll never come to this place again. Then you won't have to worry anymore."

"It's good you can think like that. If you make any more trouble, your husband will skin me alive. How about I lend you the money you need so that you don't have to sing here anymore?"

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