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   Chapter 85 An Innocent Man

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"Alright, alright. I'll take a bath. Now get out of here, will ya?" Debbie said. As the saying goes, "Those who suit their actions to the times are wise." Debbie decided it wasn't a good idea to anger Carlos again.

He cast a cold glance at her before leaving the bathroom.

After locking the door, Debbie heaved a long sigh of relief. 'I thought he'd never leave, ' she thought. 'He almost got me naked!' She pondered this as she stripped off her clothing and was about to settle into the tub. It was quite warm, almost hot, so she put in one foot at a time, letting herself get used to the temperature. But it was just right to wash away the aches and pains of the day. She finally got all in, and settled into the tub. That was when she realized something was wrong. 'I'm the one who's mad at him. Why should I listen to him?'

Getting out of the bathtub, she yawned. Then she took the body wash that Carlos gave her and foamed up. Her hands left trails of foam as she ran them over her body. 'Wow, it smells like milk. I love it!' Debbie could practically taste the shower gel.

Then she washed the foam away under the shower. Her skin was not as smooth as other young girls because she had not paid special attention to it before. But after she applied the body lotion, she could feel her skin was much smoother. She might have to make a habit of this. It felt great!

Looking at her naked body in the mirror, Debbie blushed and couldn't help touching her smooth leg.

'I need to pay more attention to my skin. Otherwise, I might age quickly.'

Shrugging on her night gown, she walked out of the bathroom with wet hair. She thought Carlos would be in the study working, but actually he was sitting on her bed, answering a phone call. What was he doing here? And why was he in here anyway?

The moment she appeared, he turned his head and fixed his eyes upon her.

Debbie sat at the dressing table, opened the tube of nighttime moisturizer and squeezed out some of the goo onto her hand. 'It wouldn't do to get all wrinkled, ' she thought as she worked the lotion onto her cheeks, around her nose, her forehead, everywhere on her face. She glanced at some of the other products and decided the anti-aging SPF 20 serum would be best in the morning. Then she reached into a drawer and found her blow dryer. Then, gadget in hand, she walked into the bathroom once more.

While she was drying her hair in the bathroom, Carlos was on the phone with his assistant. "Tristan, I need three VIP cards for the spa on the fourth floor of Alkaid Building. Yeah, yeah. It's for my wife."

'Three? Oh, one for Mrs. Huo, and two for her friend

dentity a secret. He had no choice."

"It has nothing to do with me," he answered indifferently.

Debbie didn't expect him to say that. Or act like that.

'What a petty man! Fine. Maybe my feminine wiles...' "Can you please let him come back?" she asked in a soft voice.

"Can you please stop being mad at me?" he asked in reply.

Reluctantly, she answered, "Okay. I'm not mad at you anymore."

"Then I'll let him come back when I'm not angry at him anymore," he offered.

Debbie jumped to her feet and snapped, "Then I won't forgive you!"

"Poor Emmett. He'll have to haul around bricks on that construction site for a long time," he sighed. He turned around and walked towards the gates.

Debbie's jaw dropped. She wanted to find a way to bargain with the man. But after he had changed his shoes, she hadn't figured it out yet. She could only run toward him and hold his arm tightly. "I'm not mad at you now. Can you just forgive Emmett this time? C'mon old man..."

Trying hard to suppress his laughter, Philip opened the gates for Carlos and wondered, 'Debbie is so cute. She knows how to deal with Mr. Huo. He's a sucker for sweetness, but never command him to do anything.'

"What did you just call me?" Carlos asked in a cold voice. He never liked that epithet much, and saw no reason to do anything for her when she was like that. He liked to have everything under his control.

Embarrassed, Debbie cast a glance at Philip. He immediately got her point and left the villa.

Once she was sure Philip was out of earshot, she held Carlos' arm and said "Honey" in a sweet voice.

Satisfied, Carlos smiled, but he feigned anger and asked in a stern voice, "He's that important to you? You're going to do what I want just for him?!"

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