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   Chapter 83 The Slap

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Debbie was speechless. She had originally hoped that Kasie and Kristina would console her and give her some advice. But all they did was support Carlos and even ask her to sleep with him. "I must have been blind when I made friends with you two! You betrayed me and changed sides?" Debbie rolled her eyes.

Kristina grabbed Debbie's hand and put it on her chest. "Tomboy, trust me. I was always your best friend... But that was before I knew that Carlos Huo is your husband. Now that I know the truth, I'm siding with him." Debbie retrieved her hand and hit her playfully. "Ouch! Hey, don't hit me. I'm just telling the truth."

The three of them made fun of each other and burst into laughter. Debbie felt more cheerful now after talking to them.

Kristina told some dirty joke again and Debbie instantly blushed scarlet and hit her arm. Kristina caught Debbie's hand and said, "Come on, Tomboy! Don't act like a kid! You are his wife, and it's perfectly normal for a couple to get laid." Debbie covered Kristina's mouth with her hands to stop her from saying anything more, and Kristina started tickling her in return.

Debbie laughed out loud, unable to tolerate the tickling torture. She waved her arms to stop Kristina. Kasie immediately held Debbie's arms and said, "Stop, you two! Tomboy, to be honest, you should feel lucky to have a husband like Carlos Huo. If he were not your husband, we wouldn't have gotten the VIP cards for the fifth floor of the Alioth Building. Why do you think he gave us the cards?" Kasie raised her brows at Debbie and continued after a pause, "It's as the saying goes, 'Love me, love my dog'. He wanted to treat your friends well because he cares about you! I wish you would look before you leap anymore. There must be some kind of misunderstanding between you and him. Why don't you two just sit down and talk?"

Kristina echoed, "Exactly. And that day, when we were having lunch on the fifth floor of the Alioth Building, he joined us. You two started showing off your affection for each other before us. We were so jealous of you! I still remember the way he looked at you. His eyes were full of affection. If it weren't for my dear Dixon, I would have already fallen for Mr. Huo."

Debbie rolled her eyes at her friends and snapped back, "I can't believe that you both are smitten by him. And here I thought that I could count on you to bring him down. Oh, my heart is broken." 'Kasie and Kristina are so mean. Ever since they found out that Carlos is my husband, they seem to have forgotten what he had done to me in the past, ' Debbie mused.

Since that time when Carlos had gone to J City to rescue her, Debbie had been s

r car. Many students' attention was drawn to the luxurious car. Some girls were trying hard to figure out who was inside the car.

Debbie gasped for air as she pulled up her hoodie and covered her face. She didn't want the students to gossip about her later on. She walked to the other side of the car and got into the backseat.

Carlos was in the driver's seat. He had spotted Debbie the moment she had arrived at the gates. After she was safely in the car, he started the engine and drove away from the university gates.

He said nothing as he drove towards the East City Villa. Debbie couldn't bear the silence anymore and said, "Mr. Huo, just tell me what you want right here. I'm not staying at the villa this evening. I'll take a taxi back to school."

Debbie was a straightforward girl—she didn't and wouldn't hide her true feelings in front of anyone. This was both her virtue and her flaw. She just wouldn't pretend to be polite and compliant. Carlos could tell from her long face and her words that she was still angry at him.

"You don't need to take a taxi anymore. I'll buy you a car," Carlos said in a calm voice.

'What the fuck?! I wasn't implying that I want a car, okay?' Debbie fumed with rage. "Thank you, Mr. Huo. But I don't need a car. I just..." On second thought, Debbie knew that it was of no use arguing with him. She sighed and said, "Never mind. Just stop the car and let me go back."

"I already told you that you're not allowed to live in the dorm again," he said coldly.

"Yes, you did. But why do I have to follow your orders? Who do you think you are? You also want me to quit learning martial arts and take Yoga and dancing lessons. But why do I have to listen to you?" she yelled.

"Because you are Mrs. Huo," he said calmly.

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