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   Chapter 82 Give Him A Slap In The Face

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8068

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Debbie rolled her eyes at her phone screen where the nickname "C" flashed on it. She typed a message. "I'm a married woman. If you crack such jokes again, I'll definitely blacklist you!"

The guy, C, replied to her, "I want to be friends with you."

She felt bored after chatting with him, so she locked her phone and put it back into her pocket.

Debbie bent over the table and sipped her milk tea through a straw. A moment later, Kasie and Kristina walked into their old haunt, No. 99 Milk Tea. Debbie waved her hand to them lazily and called out, "Hey, I'm here."

Kasie sat down next to her and asked curiously, "I thought you weren't going to play truant again. Why did you bunk off school today?"

A few days ago, Debbie had told them that she wouldn't dare skip school again because Carlos would punish her if she did. They weren't expecting Debbie to go back on her word so soon.

Kristina was more considerate than Kasie. The moment she saw Debbie, she realized that something was wrong. "Debbie, were you crying?" she asked in a voice full of concern.

It was not until then that Kasie noticed that Debbie's eyes were red and swollen.

Debbie ordered two cups of milk tea for her friends before she cursed through gritted teeth, "Carlos Huo is such a jerk!"

Kasie immediately covered Debbie's mouth with her hand. "Shh! Look, I know that Carlos Huo is your husband, but keep those kinds of words to yourself. Do not curse him in public. If his fans hear you, you're definitely screwed!"

Debbie did not care for her warning. She shoved Kasie's hand away and snapped back, "I'm cursing my own husband. What does it have to do with them?"

Kristina approached her and whispered in her ear, "They don't know that Carlos Huo is your husband. A girl cursed him at an airport because she had failed to attract his attention. And that caught the attention of his fans. The girl ended up being beaten up and taken to the hospital."

Debbie's jaw dropped at Kristina's surprising words. She gulped hard and exclaimed in a low voice, "That's crazy! If they found out that I'm married to him, would they go insane and cut me into pieces?"

Kasie nodded and feigned a serious tone. "They would. So you better watch your language. " And she couldn't hold it anymore and burst into a fit of laughter.

Kristina tapped Kasie's arm, gesturing for her to not tease Debbie again. "Tomboy, tell us wh

d in her ear, "Well...if you have sex with him in a regular position, then he will be kneeling before you. So..."

Her voice was very low, but Debbie heard her every word clearly and her face instantly turned bright red.

"Kristina! I thought you were an innocent girl. This is all because of Kasie! She is such a bad influence on you!"

Kasie felt wronged and retorted, "Hey Tomboy! This has nothing to do with me. I'm single, but Kristina has a boyfriend. She knows much more than I do. And although you know very little about all this right now, I'm sure that you'll be sophisticated enough once you become Carlos' woman. After all, your husband looks like he's experienced."

Annoyed, Debbie pinched her arm, and they began to fight in jest.

Kristina, however, did not agree with Kasie. "I don't think that Mr. Huo is an experienced man in this matter. My guess is that he's still a virgin. Otherwise, why would he always piss Debbie off like this? He knows next to nothing about women, and he is emotionally unavailable. He has also failed to sleep with our Debbie even after such a long time."

After some consideration, Kasie nodded. "That makes perfect sense. Debbie, you are so lucky!"

Debbie was dumbfounded. "I'm lucky? How?"

Kasie and Kristina said nothing more, but winked at her with a cunning smile. Unable to bear them anymore, Debbie pouted and asked in fury, "Are you here to console me or to make fun of me?"

Kasie tried hard to hold back her laughter and said, "Easy, Deb. Just listen to me. Fuck him once and slap him in the face with the truth that you're a virgin."

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