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   Chapter 71 Male Chauvinist

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At this moment, Debbie felt that Carlos was much more reliable and trustworthy than other men around her, such as Jared and Hayden. Hayden had admitted quite bluntly that he still loved her. Despite that, he wasn't there when she needed his help.

However, when she kissed Carlos on the cheek, he gently pushed her away, walked to the night stand and dialed the receptionist's number. "This is Room 1206. We need a med kit. Thank you."

Before he got a definite positive response, he hung up the phone hastily.

Debbie was startled. 'Really? That's how he usually asks people to do him a favor? I don't think he's going to get that med kit anytime soon, ' she thought to herself.

However, within three minutes, the doorbell rang. Debbie ran to open the door, and saw an employee of the hotel standing outside with a med kit in her hands.

"Thank you so much," she thanked her politely and took over the kit.

"You're welcome, miss."

After closing the door behind her, Debbie walked up to Carlos and gave him the kit. He opened it, took out some Q-tips and a bottle of antiseptic solution before leading Debbie to a chair. "Sit. I'll clean your wound," he offered gently.

"Really? Have you been trained in treating wounds?" she asked in utter disbelief.

He rolled his eyes and answered coldly, "I've served in the special force before. Cleaning wounds is a piece of cake to me. It's one of the most necessary skills we must learn."

"You've really served in the army before!" she exclaimed. Last time, she could tell from his standing position that he must have been trained for combat before. But she didn't expect him to have served in the special force. Her thoughts ran wild.

"Then why did you quit the army and become a CEO? Did you not like serving in the army?" she asked in confusion.

She really wished to see him in the military uniform. He'd be so handsome in it.

"It's a long story. I'll narrate it to you some other time." He unscrewed the lid, dipped a Q-tip into the solution and began to clean her wound gently.

A sharp intake of breath was heard. It was a kind of cheap solution, and gave her wound a stinging sensation. She surely seemed to be in excruciating pain. Every time he cleaned the wound with the Q-tip, she winced in pain. But still, she was much stronger than other girls in resisting pain. Other girls would have already cried in pain if they were in Debbie's shoes.

Carlos paused upon hearing her intake of breath. He was used to this kind of solution, but he forgot that Debbie was a girl and the pain might seem unbearable to her. His face softened as he said, "Sorry, I

red out of anxiety. She put her phone aside, held his waist with both arms and kissed him on the lips. After a while, she raised her head and asked in a whisper, "Do you trust me now?"

Since she took the initiative to kiss him, he didn't turn her down. Instead, he wanted more of it.

He held her tightly, lowered his head and kissed her right on her lips, passionately.

His lips were demanding and firm when they molded hers. He was kissing her with both tenderness and need. He threw her onto the king-sized bed. Then he leaned down and kissed her lips again. "I want to bite this lip," he murmured against her mouth, and carefully he tugged at it with his teeth. She moaned spontaneously and he smiled, out of satisfaction.

Early the next morning, a man walked out of the hotel, followed by a girl. Both of them seemed to have long faces.

His face was livid, whereas the girl looked frustrated. They were none other than Carlos and Debbie.

Tristan, carrying Debbie's suitcase, tagged along with them and didn't dare to utter a word. He could sense the intense struggle between his boss and his boss' wife.

'Did they end up having a fight again? No, I don't think so.

Or did the tension stem from Mr. Huo's dislike towards the room? Did he not get enough sleep?' Tristan's rally of thoughts marched on endlessly. He had suggested a five-star hotel to Carlos, but the latter had rejected him upfront.

He really felt confused, but he decided to keep his nose out of Carlos' private affairs. He didn't want to lament about not having done it later on.

Upon arriving at the VIP lounge of the airport, Debbie sat opposite Carlos and cast a ferocious glance at him. She cursed, "You are an insensitive, unthoughtful male chauvinist!"

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