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   Chapter 66 Appease Your Husband

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The manager of the bar freaked out. He signaled the bodyguards and said to Jared apologetically, "I'm sorry, Mr. Han, but I wouldn't dare to offend the person seated upstairs even if I had ten lives to gamble with. I'm afraid you will have to let Miss Nian go."

Receiving the signal, the bodyguards walked towards Jared and tried to force Debbie away from him. Jared wasn't as good at martial arts as Debbie was. Moreover, Debbie was drunk. Desperate to find a way to protect Debbie, he shouted as the bodyguards approached, "I'm going to find out who the hell this man is!" With that, he held Debbie's hand and began climbing the stairs.

The others made way for them. When he got to the private booth upstairs, Jared kicked the door open and yelled, "Who the hell is stopping my fri... M... Mr... Huo?"

One single sight of Carlos' face, Jared almost fell to his knees out of fright. He spun around to look at the drunk person behind him, darted outside the room, and slammed the door shut hastily.

"Tomboy, run! Run for your life! It is Carlos Huo inside!" he whispered in a trembling voice as his fingers shivered to find balance. By this point, Debbie was too drunk to stand straight, but Jared's last remark alerted her.

She stared at Jared with gaping eyes and nodded. Then, hand in hand, they dashed downstairs like a crazy couple running to save their lives.

Carlos had recognized who were outside when the door of the room had been kicked open. Also he noticed that Debbie wasn't fully standing erect indicating that she was drunk. He opened the door and stepped outside the booth.

"Stop them!" he ordered in the hallway.

Unaware of the cause, the manager quickly followed Carlos' orders and told the bodyguards to stop the two people running away.

"Move! Move!" Having grabbed her by the wrist, Jared led the way for Debbie.

However, the bar was so crowded Debbie couldn't run fast although her physique enabled her to. As soon as they reached downstairs, they were barred by the bodyguards.

But she hadn't forgotten to resist. She knocked down the first bodyguard that tried to lay his hand on her.

And then the second, and then the third... When she was going to handle the seventh, the bar suddenly became eerily quiet. Debbie had an ominous feeling when a chill crept up her spine. Jared, who was standing opposite Debbie, saw the man behind her. His face twisted with fear. 'Should I flee for my life? Debbie is his wife. Maybe he wouldn't harm her even if I left her alone here.'

After knocking the last bodyguard to the ground, Debbie pretended not to sense the person standing behind her and strode towards the entrance of t

arrived at the villa. Suddenly, she was frozen to her core. She woke up to find herself in the tub and cold water was being sprayed on her body. She shuddered.

"Carlos Huo, this is uncalled for!" she shouted angrily.

"Awake?" Carlos tried to contain his anger with great difficulty.

Debbie wiped the remaining drops of water off her face. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that there were tens of dollars scattered on the floor. She felt disgusted seeing hard-earned money being dumped. Carlos might not care but she did. She stood up and walked out of the tub in her drenched clothes.

It might not be a lot of money, but it meant something for her. Especially, considering the murderous glares Carlos had been shooting at her repeatedly, it wouldn't be exaggerated to say that she had earned that money with her life.

Watching her pick up the notes one by one, Carlos didn't stop her. When she was done, he said, "Go get changed."


"We're going somewhere."

Debbie tried to deduce something from the man's face, but frustrated at his poker face, she had to nod.

When she got dressed and walked out of her bedroom, Carlos was already waiting downstairs.

Once she hopped in, the car drove away from the house slowly. Debbie was fidgety. When she looked out the window, the memories from the last time when Carlos had taken her to the martyrs' park all came flooding back. "Where're we going?" she asked warily.

"Shining International Plaza."

Debbie was relieved to hear that soothing response. But why was he taking her there at this late hour?

The car finally came to a halt. Debbie staggered out and followed Carlos into the elevator. Only after the elevator had stopped on the top floor did she realize what his real intentions were.

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