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   Chapter 58 A Petty Man

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8801

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"Um, okay. Thank you," Debbie murmured as she took the water bottle from Carlos.

Before she could remove the cap, Carlos had already rinsed his mouth and drunk up the water. Out of curiosity, she asked, "Were you that thirsty?"

"There's a residual taste of durian in my mouth."

'What?! He dislikes durian? Then why did he eat the pizza using my fork? Since he loathes Durian, I've an interesting idea!

If he dares to bully me again, I'll buy a durian and ask him to finish it all by himself! That should teach him a lesson, ' she thought to herself.

Upon seeing the man throw the empty bottle into a trash bin, Debbie flashed a sly smile as she licked the corners of her lips.

"Hey, Mr. Handsome!" She ended up jumping before him.

"Uh-huh?" He looked at her, startled.

Suddenly, she held him by his waist, stood on tiptoe and kissed his thin lips.

This was her first time to kiss the man on her own initiative. It was an entirely different experience. No! It was her second time, wasn't it?

Carlos remained stunned for a while. When he finally regained his full senses after the unexpected display of affection, he realized her true intentions. He felt uneasy and wanted to push her away. Debbie held his waist tightly and her tongue moved effortlessly in his mouth.

She had just hogged a large-sized durian pizza and had not rinsed her mouth yet.

After making sure that his mouth tasted durian again, she withdrew her lips and let go of his waist. Carlos shook his head with profound resignation, and then turned around to walk towards the convenience store again.

"I want to go home! Now!" Debbie grabbed his arm and dragged him to their car deliberately. Despite the fact that he could easily shake her arms off, he followed her anyway.

Right under the glow of the street lamp, Debbie opened the passenger's door and was about to push Carlos into the seat, but he quickly shut the door by himself.

Without a moment's pause, he rolled her around, pressed her against the car door and kissed her on her lips.

It all happened in a matter of seconds that she couldn't properly breathe.

When Carlos' phone rang, the two stopped their overflowing affection for each other to an abrupt halt.

It took quite a while before Debbie realized that she was lying in the backseat and Carlos was about to strip her off. She could even feel his erection.

He wanted to switch his phone off and get on with his intentions but she pushed him away, adjusted her clothes and swiftly got out of the car.

When she got into the driver's seat, Carlos was on the phone. "You called me just because of th

must have six-pack abs!'

She picked up her phone stealthily, opened the camera APP and clicked the shooting button. Done!

She glanced at the picture she had just taken and flashed a dirty smile.

All of a sudden, she thought of something. She put down her phone on the bed, crossed her hands together and pointed to Carlos' towel with both her index fingers. "Drop! Drop!" she commanded in a whisper.

She stared at the white towel and wished it would fall onto the ground. She could tell from the curves of the towel that the man had a desirable butt.

"Drop! Drop—Ahhhh!" The man suddenly turned around and caught Debbie off guard.

She immediately withdrew her hands, grabbed her phone, got out of the bed and left his bedroom hastily.

She rushed back into her room, shut the door behind her and threw herself onto her bed. 'Dang! What would he think of me now? Would he think I wanted to sleep with him because I have a thing for him? Never mind! He's my husband, and it's perfectly normal for us to share a bed, ' she consoled herself in her mind.

She opened her WeChat Moments, uploaded the picture she had just taken, and captioned it, "Waking up in the morning, I find the sun shining brightly. You stand before the window, enjoying the scenery, while I can't take my eyes off you.

Ah, I'm in such a buoyant mood now."

The reason she dared to post Carlos' picture in WeChat Moments was that she thought he was not her WeChat friend. He would not know that she had taken his picture and posted it, after all. As for her friends, she didn't think they would recognize it as Carlos—it was just a view of his back. Yes, some people might speak ill of her behind her back when they saw the picture. But she didn't care at all!

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