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   Chapter 56 Kneel Down And Apologize

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8951

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Hardly had the manager's voice faded away when Jared kicked him hard in the leg. "What the fuck?! How dare you ask her to kneel down and apologize to that man? Don't you know who she is?" Jared cursed.

Ignoring the manager's sour face, he walked up to Carlos and was going to ask him to help Debbie. But on second thought, he changed his mind and deemed it wise not to interfere in the couple's private affairs.

So without uttering a word, he turned around and walked back to Debbie.

Everyone was dumbfounded, not knowing what he was doing.

The manager had no idea who Debbie was. But as an experienced, business-minded person, he knew his priorities. His boss and two other distinguished guests were blocked by the crowd, so he urged them to make way. "Gentlemen, please get out of the way." He decided to settle matters with them after Carlos and his friends left the club.

'Son of a bitch! How dare you kick me?! I swear I'll break your leg!' he angrily swore to himself.

The moment Damon saw his brother, he instantly realized what was wrong with his VIP card. His eyebrows raised a little when he recognized the girl next to Jared. Excitement ruled over him as he was dying to witness the fun that was about to begin.

He elbowed Wesley and said in a light voice so that Carlos wouldn't hear him, "Look! The girl who smashed the private booth is Carlos' wife."

Wesley rolled his eyes at him, then followed the direction where he was pointing. He stepped aside to keep Damon at arm's length.

Damon's face soured at Wesley's reaction. 'What is wrong with this guy? Why is he avoiding me as if I had some communicable disease?'

"Good evening, Mr. Huo, Mr. Han, and Mr. Li. Nice to meet you guys. I didn't expect to meet you here. Are you enjoying the party?" Laying his eyes upon Carlos and his friends, Oscar suppressed his anger and walked towards them with a forced flattering smile.

Damon flashed a wicked grin; he knew this man was finished for he had offended Carlos' wife. Wesley, as a military officer, abhorred evils as deadly foes and knew one when he saw one. He didn't even turn his head to cast the man a single glance; he only wished he could shoot him straight in the head right this instant.

"Come over here!" Carlos motioned, but not to Oscar.

The onlookers got confused and wondered whom he was talking to.

Debbie, on the other hand, knew that Carlos was talking to her. At that moment, she was no longer the same girl who had smashed the private booth a moment ago. Uneasily, she gripped her shirt and wondered whether she should listen to him or not.

After a series of pondering, she finally decided to be an obedient w

except for this one.

Normally, marriage should be based on love. But she didn't love him, and she didn't fancy the idea that he loved her. 'Wait, is there a possibility that he fell in love with me?' Thinking about this, she couldn't help but burst into laughter.

'How's that possible? A rich and powerful man like Carlos would never fall in love with a boyish girl like me," she mused.

Carlos poured a glass of water, gave it to her and said, "Are you not thirsty? You've been talking since we arrived."

"Uh... I am." She took the glass over and drank all the water with one gulp. All of a sudden, she felt hungry. Although there had been lots of delicious dishes prepared at the gathering this evening, she had no appetite and had barely eaten.

It was past 8 p.m. and she wanted to leave the villa and grab something to eat. "Carlos Huo, I want to go out to eat something. Are you coming with me?" she invited.

Carlos just looked at her, saying nothing.

She didn't know what was on his mind and assumed that he didn't want to. She took out her phone and said, "Since you're not coming with me, I'm calling my friend to come with me."


"Jared. I guess he hasn't eaten anything either." Before she was able to dial his number, her phone was snatched away by the man.

Carlos turned off her phone, put it in his pocket and walked towards the gates.

While putting his shoes on, he said, "Grab the car keys. You're driving."

"Oh! Okay." She nodded; for her, it would be a good idea since she knew he had drunk much this evening.

She drove the BMW cautiously. When she stopped at a red light, she tilted her head and stole a look at the man who was taking a rest in his seat with his eyes shut. "Carlos Huo, call your lawyer now!" she demanded.

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