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   Chapter 28 27-Truth

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FRANKIE arrived with Liam at their home and was welcomed by her whole family. Even their family friend, the Barrons were already there. She felt comforted that even after what happened to her and Luna, the excitement for the wedding still sizzles.

"You're looking as gorgeous as your mother, Frankie." She smiled at her Aunt Sammy who, together with her mother and soon to be mother-in-law still looked radiant and young despite having grown up children.

"Thank you, Auntie. You're still glowing and looking so in love as ever." She always admired Sammy and her husband Rob's chemistry. She also loved to hear their love story. It was an absolute proof that fate and destiny exists. Having four sons with only nine months apart each also impressed her but she wouldn't mention that to Liam since he might have an idea of what to do when they're already married. It would suit them with her fiance's libido, nine months interval might just be a piece of cake. She felt her cheeks heat up with that thought. How could she even think about that now that she's with the whole clan?

"Frankie? You spaced out on me for a moment there, my dear. Oh Gosh, you're blushing. I think here comes the source of your cheek stain." Sammy's teasing voice made her blush deeper as Liam came from greeting the rest of his siblings from another mother and finally hugged and greeted his godmother.

"Aunt Sammy, you took your time. How was your tour?"

"It was enjoyable but exhausting. Blame it on your brothers and that husband of mine who doesn't know the word rest. How could I even put up with five boys wanting to go camping on every freaking mountain top in the freaking planet?!"

"Mom, we're not boys. We're men." Liam and Frankie laughed when Sammy rolled here eyes and Liam fist bumped with Daniel, followed by his brothers Julian, Gael and Adrian. The four Barons that could melt any woman's heart because of their impeccable combined boyish and manly looks and perfect blue eyes. Liam pulled her towards him when he saw that she was looking at them and she couldn't help but smile at his possessiveness.

"Congratulations on your engagement. Can we hug our soon to be sister?" The youngest and naughtiest of the group, Adrian tried to snatch Frankie away from Liam but he pushed her further behind him. The other three joined and tried to pull her away from Liam. Sammy laughed and said her goodbyes. She knew very well not to interfere with her boys, including Liam whenever they are bantering like kids.

"Nope! Definitely not. Besides, you've been treating her

being in comma for a few weeks, she woke up but lost her memory. When she regained them she was different. She was paranoid and I couldn't do anything to help her..."

"Where was she all this time? Answer me!" Denaris was sobbing. Who could have known that the man feared by many could shed that many tears, his shoulders shaking as he poured the pain and guilt that he was feeling.

"I kept her in a specialized hospital that could help her...I wanted to do it myself but she wouldn't let me, " the agony in his voice was like a knife to her heart, it reflects the pain she was feeling with the thought that her friend was alone in a mental facility probably scared and miserable.

"She hated me, Frankie. Just looking at me made her violent." Frankie wanted to shout at Denaris that he deserved it but he looked like he as losing his mind with misery. He looked like a deranged man being tortured.

"At first I came to visit but it was the same each time, she always had an episode when I see her so I just stopped. I wanted her to be well. She's my life and I don't know what I did to deserve her wrath... daughter hated me before but she hates me more than anyone right now. me, Frankie...She escaped from the hospital and she..."

"What?" The way that Denaris was looking at her, she knew she wouldn't want to hear his next words.

"Diana was the one who took Luna. I think that she wanted to meet with you and took Luna by mistake."

"Tell me how to find her. Get a grip, old man! Even if you don't need my help I still want to look for her. Now, where do we start?" She vowed to herself that she would find Diana even if she had to sell her soul again to the Devil.

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