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   Chapter 26 25-The Revelation

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FRANKIE felt nauseated. She also could not move her arms and legs. She wanted to shout and thrash but even her voice seem to have abandoned her. She tried to open her eyelids but it felt too heavy.

"Frankie? Princess, can you hear me?"

The heart rate monitor in her room beeped and it registered 50 beats per minute, within the normal range but lower than what she would usually have. Frankie wanted to answer and move her finger to acknowledge Liam's voice but her strength failed her. She almost succeeded but succumbed to darkness once again.

Liam sighed in frustration when she did not answer. He wanted to shake Frankie to wake her up but he knew that would only worsen the situation. When Marco and Alex entered the room, he gave them privacy and walked out to the corridor of the hospital they were in. Sitting on the line of stainless steel chairs, he saw Alejandro talking on the phone with Denaris beside him looking equally worried. He sat beside them.

"Do you have news on my sister?" Liam knew that he does not have the right to be pissed but he couldn't blame himself. He wanted to shoot himself for allowing his sister's safety to be compromised. They should have secured her first. Everyone was focused on saving Frankie that they neglected Luna.

Liam and Alejandro only saw from the street's CCTV that the car where Luna was riding reversed in full speed during Frankie's retrieval operation. It only meant one thing, Luna was the real target and Frankie was just a diversion.

"Falcon was still on the line with Spike when it happened. He said he heard the tires screeched as it sped off and Luna mentioned a name. I don't know whether to believe him. He may have misheard, " the agony in Alejandro's voice was too evident and heartbreaking.

"Who was it? What was the name?"

With shaking hands that touched Alejandro's shoulder, Denaris answered, "Diana."

"What?! How could that be? Why would she kidnap my sister?" Liam had so many questions to ask but it seemed like his two companions are not prepar

ng like this. All because of her fucking father!" Liam did not expect such angry outburst from his Godfather especially if it was directed to his right hand man. They were like brothers but the tension in the room increased in notches.

"Uncle..." Liam stood up and walked towards Marco but he stopped in his tracks when he saw how enraged he was. He looked like he was ready to kill.

"If something happens to Luna and Diana because of this, I will kill that fucking Denaris myself!" When he looked at Liam, he forced himself not to flinch. He knew he needed to tell him an important detail even if it would worsen his godfather's fury.

"Diana's target was Frankie. I realized earlier that her plan went wrong when Luna did not eat the ice cream. It was supposed to be a diversion for her to kidnap Frankie."


"I know it's absurd but that is how I see it. Uncle, do you know why Diana would want to kidnap Francesca? If I'm not mistaken, Frankie never believed that Diana was dead. She even went to search for information about Diana, that was why she associated herself with Pablo and his men. How could Diana show up now after all these years and cause some mayhem just to get a hold of Francesca?"

"Because Diana could not do anything to contact anyone. She was put in a mental institution by his own fucking son of a bitch father."

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