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   Chapter 25 24-The Chase

Beyond Reasonable Doubt By magbmara Characters: 6786

Updated: 2019-08-03 15:33

"Falcon, what happened?! Where is Frankie?" The moment Liam heard his phone ring and saw that it was their head of security, he knew that it was not a courtesy call. Liam felt cold dread when he heard that his fiancee was being taken to the hospital in and ambulance because of possible food poisoning.

"We're following the ambulance right now, Boss. Boar is there with Ms. Frankie. I'll send you the details." Liam nodded his head and stopped from walking when he remembered Luna.

"Where's my sister? Is she okay?" He walked towards the Study where his father and godfather were having a meeting.

"Yes. She's beside me on the car and she's on the phone right now with Boss Alejandro..." Liam's heart raced faster when he heard the gunshots and Falcon's instructions, "Shit! Idiots! Don't shoot at the ambulance!" He was shaking with anger when he realized what was happening.

"Tell me." Even without asking, Liam knew that the ambulance Frankie was riding was now the target of a car chase.

"Boar was shot and thrown out of the ambulance. We are now closely on its trail." Falcon also instructed the other security team in another vehicle to stop and tend to their fallen member.

"Send me the coordinates now! Make sure Francesca and my sister will not be harmed!" Liam dropped the call and cursed and gripped his hair with both hands in frustration. He was almost at the door when it burst open with Lance and Marco.

"Denaris and his team are on their way to intercept the ambulance. They had a meeting with Fantagio whose district is near the projected destination of the ambulance. They will be blocking all roads to prevent those fuckers' escape." Marco's expression was like that of a dangerous and deadly hurricane waiting to be unleashed. Lance was on the phone and updating Cassie who was picking up the Barrons at the airport.

"Luna is in transit and tailing them." He fears for his sister's safety especially now that she's pregnant.

"Alejandro is at the chopper right now and waiting for you. He a

black Cadillac which Luna recognized as Denaris' drove in at full speed from the north side of the street towards the ambulance. It swerved to the right and drifted towards the front of the vehicle where Frankie was held captive. The tires screeching into a halt while the men from the ambulance fired mercilessly. There was no other movement and sound aside from the clicking sound of guns from the enemies and the ambulance's tires and siren lights exploding. From where they were situated, Luna saw that the shots came in front, from Denaris' car.

The shooting ceased and that was the time that six men dressed in black suits from each of the two SUVs got off and ran towards the target. When they opened the door, Luna could not see if her best friend is safe. She was about to get off from the car to go to Frankie but the driver locked the door, preventing her from getting off. She was about to complain when she heard two silenced shots as the man beside her went limp and his blood splattered to her face and clothes. The car she was riding reversed in full speed. Luna felt nauseated especially when the driver who she thought was Stork, removed a strip of black from his upper lip, took off the hood of his jacket and faced her as their car sped off in reverse and into another alley. Luna uttered a name before she passed out.


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