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   Chapter 24 23-A Taste

Beyond Reasonable Doubt By magbmara Characters: 7313

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Frankie woke up feeling warm. When she opened her eyes she smiled as she saw Liam's arms wrapped around her and felt his hardness from behind. Their thirst for each other is too powerful and she knew that they will not be able to get out of bed if she will not control herself from tasting what's hers.

She gently moved out of his embrace, careful not to wake him up and nakedly went to the bathroom to prepare for the day. She promised Luna that they would do some last minute shopping. Her best friend, soon to be sister in law wanted to shop for more lingerie for the honeymoon. Against her better judgment, she agreed simply because she wanted to spice up her nights with Liam. But now, she was having second thoughts since their sex life is at full swing, she could not think of anything that could make it even better. She blushed at the thought and turned the shower head to douche her sinful but delicious thoughts about the hunk of a man lying on her bed. She still could not believe that he's hers for the taking. The man she fantasized and dreamed of is now her fiance. She gushed at the fact that he's head over heels for her as much as she is for him. She closed her eyes and lavished her body with the pink soft sponge and lavender scented body wash.

She moaned when a pair of hands she knew very well, rubbed her peaks. He then took the sponge from her and continued what she was doing. Under the warm spray of the shower, she felt hotter because of the sensation his hands were doing. His naked front was pressed to her back.

"You should have woken me up so we could shower together." She groaned when his tongue dipped in her ear before gliding and sucking her neck and shoulder blades. His right hand was doing wonders to her moist core while his left was still cradling the sponge and teasing her sensitive body until her knees felt weak.


"I wanted to take this slow but when you say my name like that..." She gasped in surprise and ecstasy and had to place her palms at the tiles in front of her when he entered her from behind. His thrust was of hurried passion and soon they were both panting from their release.

"That was fast..." She whispere


Same drill as the lingerie boutique, the guards scanned the place first before they got inside. There was only one attendant at the store. Frankie and Luna scanned the display and chose their ice cream flavors.

"Let's order cones?" Frankie offered.

"No. I want lots, " her excitement was infectious and so they both ordered four pints, one each of, strawberry, almond, vanilla and chocolate.

"Since you ordered four, you get one flavor free but the free one is for here only." The attendant smiled as he collected their payments. Frankie used her card and was putting it inside her bag when their orders were given.

"Sure. I'm sure it would only take a while." Frankie was about to say no but Luna was already on her way to one of the silver seats with the free pint of bubblegum flavored ice cream that was given as free.

"Frankie, come and have the first taste." She shook her head but Luna pouted, she had no choice but to approach her, sat beside her and open her mouth wide. The spoon was filled with the blue frozen cream. She was given another mouthful. When Luna was about to taste one for herself, Frankie felt a constricting pain in her throat and felt like vomiting, then she started getting dizzy, in her blurred vision she could barely see Luna's panicked face. Frankie concentrated on her strength and tried to raise her arm to swipe the spoon away from Luna. All she could manage to say before she passed out was, "No."

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