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   Chapter 23 22-The Date

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"Son, have you set the date of your wedding with Frankie, yet?" Liam just smiled and shook his head at his mother's question. They were sitting on the poolside at five thirty in the morning. Everyone was still asleep but he had an early conference call for his businesses and had to wake up early. Whenever he's with his mother, she always seem to know when he's awake and it never fails that she would go up to where he was and bring him coffee and a snack. When he was done with his call, he followed her there like she asked and had an early breakfast of coffee, eggs, sausage and bagels that she prepared.

"Why not?" She sipped her coffee but her eyes remained fixed on him. He knew that Cassie was calculating how to remedy that matter and was searching for his face for clues.

"We haven't really talked about it, mom. We were busy listening to Luna nonstop on how great her wedding will be or how happy she will be two weeks from now. Of course, we are also enjoying spending time with all of you." He dropped the last part so he could sidetrack his mother into ambushing him for a date. He wished that Frankie were there with him. For sure, she will know what to do. It's been a week since they announced their engagement, or rather, since he announced that he wanted to marry her. He and Frankie have been anticipating their parents' date and event planning questions.

"There is no reason for you to delay the wedding, is there? You haven't talked about it? Really?" He stopped his loud groan when he saw Cassie's face lit up and she clapped her hand in excitement, "well, it's a good thing that Alex and I have spoken with some wedding planners and..."

"Woah! Mom, we haven't really talked about the date and maybe I have to ask Frankie first. It might be end of this year or the next. I'm sure all of us want to focus on Alej and Luna's wedding first." He tried to steer the topic to his sister's wedding but his mother has a different plan.

"Liam, there's nothing else to focus on since everything is already set with your sister and Alejandro's wedding. Your godmother Sammy and the whole family will be arriving shortly. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to know that she won the bet. Ooops!" His forehead creased as his mother clamped her mouth wide eyed.

"What bet, mother?" He forgot how gullible h

oo old fashioned and allowed him to share Frankie's room even with his own room in the Garcia's mansion just two doors from hers. It took a while to convince his godfather to let them which is understandable since Frankie is Marco's princess. Against Frankie's will, Liam asked their parents officially if he could share the room with her so he would not feel uncomfortable sneaking in and out of her room to sleep with her.

When Liam reached Frankie's pink and white themed room, he went in and locked the door. He smiled when she saw that she was still asleep and very much naked. The covers that he pulled to her chin dropped lower, displaying her inviting breasts for his full view. He felt his member grew hard with every step he took to reach the bed. He stripped off his clothing and climbed the bed with a clear intention in mind. He got inside the covers and cuddled her from behind, spooning her and gliding his hand to gently cover her breasts. He tried to control his urges and harsh breathing so as not to wake her. As much as he wanted to snatch her from dreamland and make love to her, he knew she was sore and tired from their explosive night. Liam closed his eyes and tried to drift to sleep. His mother was right, they need to start planning for their wedding. If he would choose the date, he wanted to marry Frankie as soon as possible. Aside from the obvious fact the he's crazy about her, he never would want to sleep and wake up without her by his side. If that was not reason enough to rush things, he don't know what is.

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